Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

LAST CHANCE to enter Meme Showcase! (You may need to re-enter)

Important note: Many of the submissions we have received were MEME jokes that had absolutely nothing to do with Origami Yoda. These will not be posted. So if you submitted something like that, male something new QUICK! It goes live on April Fool’s Day!



I think it’s time for some serious silliness around here…

It would be tacky to make memes out of some books, but not Origami Yoda! You know that Kellen and Lance must be printing out stuff like this ALL the time! And Remi probably posts one a day to her instagram account.

So go for it…. make an image using any OY characters (either taken from my books or made by you) and any MEMEs you want — LOL Cats, Doge, Fake Motivational Posters, whatever you think is funny. (AS LONG AS IT IS GOOD, CLEAN FUN! Sam will delete anything that’s not squeaky clean!)

TO BE CLEAR: THIS IS FOR MEMES ABOUT ORIGAMI YODA OR MCQUARRIE OR ORIGAMI WHATNOT not the Star Wars Universe in general. AND you have to MAKE SOMETHING yourself. Don’t just repost something from the Internet….

SUBMIT it with the word MEME in the title in time for APRIL FOOLS DAY!


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