Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

More Questions Answered!

SuperFolder Superduperstooky
On your desk I saw something that looked cool back cover Han and cover wookie

Yes, those are the REAL cover stars! They live on my desk. Cover Yoda lives in my office, too.
I’ll get a shot and make it the big picture on this page…
Thanks, SuperDuperStooky!

SuperFolder MasterFolder_John asks:
1. What do you do when your bored?

Fold paper, juggle, walk, read, try to start a fight with my author friends.

2. Are you going to post rocket instrux?
YES! I have a reason for saving them until midApril or so!

3. I know a lot of people ask this question, but Do you have any idea when you might be coming to NC again? I never really quite got to meet you.
Not sure, but I probably will be back to Raliegh/Durham before too long.

4. Have you made any new origami?
Lately, I’ve been folding some airplanes. Haven’t made any new characters in a while.

5. what is your favorite game?
Currently, it’s the Addams Family pinball machine on Pinball Arcade app.

6. Do you have woods? Yes, in fact I just came back from a walk in the woods!! (I better check for ticks!)

7. When is the next showcase? VERY SOON. Stay tuned!

Thanks John!!!

SuperFolder Rebel221
Hey Tom I’ve got a question or two:
#1 How do you comment, or do you just pick between stooky, fizzpop…
That’s what you do. Every other option has been closed down because people use it to cause trouble.

#2 how do you ‘talk to Tom’. It’s frustrating. You’re doing it right now!

#3 wouldn’t you have to have a copyright to origami yoda to write a book? Excellent question! Yes, Yoda is a copyrighted and trademarked character that belongs to Lucasfilm. My publisher and I have an agreement with them and are writing the books with their permission.

Thanks, Rebel221!!!

SuperFolder BatMan_Returns
1. Did you ever receive my letter? I sent it in November. YES! I just answered it the other day! Look for it soon!!
2. Can you post instructions for Rocket Racoon? Yes, see above, they’re coming!
3. Can you doodle origami versions of the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy? Next megadoodle?

Thanks, Hansel!!!

SuperFolder DV
1. How are you? Well, since you ask…. I got sick while on book tour! Can’t seem to get over it!
2. Please tell us your toothpaste? Actually, I changed it recently, but…. it’s still a secret. Hint: It’s not Crest, Colgate, Etc/…
3. Please tell us about Penderdragon you have been avoiding telling us for months? I keep meaning to! I need to sit down and write it up.
4. Whats you’re favorite color? Purple!
5. Who is your least favorite star wars character? Yaddle
6. Have thou been watching sw:rebels the season finally looks epic? Yes!!!
7. I AM GROOT!!!!! I did not know that….

Thanks, DV!!!