Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

REBELS Showcase!

Wow, you SFs caught up with the latest REBELS episodes yet? It’s good stuff!

So let’s do a showcase about them!

FOLD and DECORATE or DRAW and COLOR or KNIT and PERL…. whatever you want to do. Just make a REBEL and send it in,,,,

I know many of you have done REBELS figures before, so you could also use this as a chance to improve your models and/or your photography. (Please don’t just resubmit something we’ve already seen.)

You may have seen the earlier Chopper I made….

… but I wanted to get it a little better. So I folded the one you see up top. It’s all one piece, no cuts! (Pleats are the secret of course….)

I like the new one, but the first one actually has more character,,,