Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

On Location at the REAL McQuarrie Middle School!

Hi SFs!

Today I went back to my old middle school, SMS, to talk to kids… AND snap photos of some of the locations from the book!

First of all… They still have Fun Night! No joke! And apparently a lot of the kids have fun! ( I think they may offer more activities now, not just dancing and stage-sitting)

Speaking if which, you’ll see the stage down there and the cafetorium, too.

But first, here’s the school:



Here’s the hallway outside the office, where Dwight’s Mom asks him if he really wants to come back.






Here’s the section of the library where everyone is sitting when Harvey shows up with Darth Paper:






Cafetorium… only partly full:








Here’s the edge of the stage where the showdown happens at the end of Origami Yoda:






Here’s my yearbook… Can you spot me, despite the blurriness?




Okay… here are some very important teachers.

Ms. Petzke and Ms. Raab loaned their names to Ms. Rabbski. (They are nice!) And that’s the real Ms. Doughty.