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Origami Yoda

Answers to your questions….

Hey SFs!!! Here are answers to some questions I’ve received through the SUBMIT button. You can SUBMIT your own there, too,..

It’s not as much fun as when we used to TTT and SFTZ, but if you just want a question answered, this is the way to do it….

SuperFolder Gus_Grissom

1: Have you ever left the USA?


2: If so, where?

I’ve done book events in Canada, Cayman Islands and the UK!

3: Other than what is in the OY books, have you invented any more Star Wars Origami?

Yes, lots!

5: Are you Webmaster Sam?
I don’t know who you’re talking about.

6: If not, than who is he?
No idea. Never heard of him.

7: Have you ever invented anything?

Not like a machine. But I invented a lot of diabolo/ring tricks. You can see my juggling videos for more details.

I did try really hard to make a kite camera with a mechanical timer. It never worked. Nowadays, of course, you can just send up a GoPro, but this was back in the olden days with a disposable film camera.



SuperFolder LordVader

What’s your favorite color? purple

What’s your favorite Murkyism? STOOKY! Runner up: Spugly

What is your favorite type of art? (Paint, draw, etc) Doodling

Are you visiting Utah soon? Sorry, probably not. I really enjoyed my trip there a while back, though!

SuperFolder ethrf

Will you ever come to Houston Texas?

I’ll probably be back before too long!

SF MasterFolderGreivous

1. You wrote books under the name”Sam Riddleberger”, right?


2. If yes, then what books did you write with that name?

Qwikpick 1 and Stonewall Hinkleman

3. Here’s a little fun fact: My Grandfather used to help make movies.
He worked on “Flubber” “The Right Stuff” and lots of other movies.
In fact, he was even friends with Robin Williams. I think he even knew George Lucas.
Why? Because he worked on “Return of the Jedi”. He wasn’t in it, but he worked with the lighting or something.
He told me lots of cool stuff about the movie. Sadly, his name isn’t in the credits because he didn’t work on the entire movie.
I’m not lying. I’m an honest guy.


4. I sent you a letter like, 4 months ago. Did you get it yet?

I am running really really behind on the mail bag. I am SORRY!!!

SuperFolder Captain_origami

Do you know what the cover star is going to be for the next how-to case file? It said that was going to happen in Pickletine, so do you have any news for who it is, when’s going to come out etc.?

I have no news…. sorry!

Do you play Clash of Clans?


Any chance you’d come back to Vancouver and do a fold a galaxy event or something?

I’ve had 3 events in Vancouver now, so I probably won’t get back too soon.. But I had a GREAT time meeting you andit would be a lot of fun to have you come to a Fold a Galaxy event!

SuperFolder Superduperstooky

I has a question can I make my own case file
(With oragami in it)? Please tell me

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!

SuperFolder MentosMintMania
1. Since commenting was removed, I am reminded every time I see that yellow post-it note at the bottom of the page that tells you to comment. It reminds me of how annoying that can be, every time I see it, whenever I go on the site. If commenting really doesn’t come back, can you at least remove that post-it note?

I still hope people will comment using the stooky, fizzpop, etc…

2. Are you a fan of Indiana Jones? I am a total fanatic, and am not fond of snakes either.


3. This is totally unrelated but how much of the mathematical term pi have you memorized? I have 170 digits and don’t want to stop there! Also, how much periodic table do you have memorized? I have a lot but I don’t know exactly how much because I skip around a bit.

Wow, I’m impressed! I only now 3.1415 and very little of the periodic table!

4. My style of drawing is a lot more realistic than doodling… I’m not saying to quit your current doodling and stuff, but can you do this type of thing too once in a while?

No, I’m just TERRIBLE at being realistic.

5. I don’t know anything about Doctor Who. Can you kind of fill me in on what the heck is going on when the other SFs talk about “the 12th doctor” and “TARDIS” and “Daleks”? I don’t know what these words mean!!!

Doctor Who is a long-running show about a time-traveling alien who is called The Doctor. Whenever he dies, he comes back to life with a new look and slightly new personality. So there was a 1st Doctor, a 2nd Doctor, etc….

The Tardis is his time-machine (and much more) and the Daleks are the ultimate bad guys. They only want to do one thing: EXTERMINATE!