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Origami Yoda

Some answers….or TTT the slow way…

Hey SFs, since TTT isn’t working out real well, I decided to answer some questions that a SF submitted through the submit button…


SuperFolder Gus_Grissom

1. When and where did you reveal YOUR Foldywan instructions?

Last year’s May the Fifth! https://origamiyoda.com/2014/05/may-the-fourth-be-with-you-foldy-wan-instructions-for-happystarwarsday/


2. Are you inventing new origami?

3. What does Webmaster Sam look like?

Very handsome.


4. Who is Mr. GCF on the bookmark in the Art2 book?

That’s Mr Good Clean Fun
5. Are you EVER going to write another origami book again?

I’m really not sure… some of that is up to my publisher and Disney….
6. When are you visiting Indiana again?

Sorry, the only places I’m going soon are Chicago, Texas, Florida and Arizona.
And lastly…
7. How do you get the work ethic to write I book?

Honestly, I don’t work all that hard. I THINK about books all the time, but I certainly don’t work all the time. An hour or two of actual work every day turns into a book in just a month or two. Of course, after it’s finished is when the real work begins…. editing, drawing, folding, touring, promoting, etc…


And another SF, KitFisto, asked what inspired Origami Yoda. Some of you may know this but if you don’t….


Around 2005 -2007, I saw the Kawahata Yoda online. I loved it and wanted to make one. But I;m just not THAT good at origami. So I decided to make my own version. When I was done, I had a very simple finger puppet. But that was the important thing! It was a PUPPET! So once I put it on my finger…. the book just came pouring out. The first chapter I wrote was Mike and baseball, inspired by my own disastrous baseball experiences.