Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

More Q&A from the comments…

SINCE TTT is not happening anymore, you are welcome to use the SUBMIT button to send in a list of questions…


These are from GusGrissom”

Who is the guy who plays Mr. GCF on the Bookmark?

A librarian/actor named Brian,
Do you have a middle name?

 If so, what is it?



 Other than the Q papers, are you writing anymore books?

YES! Return of the Jedi is out this summer. And I have a new series coming that is still top secret. And, regrding the Qwikpick Papers, Rat with a Human Face is out very soon!
Who is your least favorite Star Wars character?

Mara Jade
What is your favorite origami model aside from Star Wars?

I love the Water Balloon and most little box and lid folds…. but of course PAPER AIRPLANES!

and lastly…

What is your least favorite movie or movie concept?

ONE of least favorite types of movies is the EXPLOSION movie where there’s not much plot just stuff blowing up or getting knocked over, etc…


And this questionis from CaptainOrigami:

Hey Tom, every thought of making an another origami Yoda book – wait, let me finish- that shows pictures of different SF’s origami and best master piece!

Yes, I’ve thought about that a lot. It would be STOOKY!!! But not sure publisher would go for it…


And these are from MasterFolderJohn:

1. Have you gotten my letter yet?

I think so! And I think you should be getting the reply soon!

For everyone else… I’m about 3 months behind right now. So if you sent it in the last 3 months, probably not.
2. I have some ideas for new showcases, Clone wars origami. Like Cad bane, Embo, Pre vizsla, Etc. Video game origami. Minecraft etc. I have more, But ill just say these.

I like all of those. Especially video games!
3. Do you like washing dishes?

Yes, sort of. As long as there’s not TOO many,
4. Have you ever played Hive in MC? They have this BOLT mini game called Deathrun. (I’m not to bad myself)

Haven’t played…



The next Showcase is STAR WARS DOODLES as seen in Art2D2.

Deadline FEB. 2.

SUBMIT it the usual way with the words DOODLE SHOWCASE in the title.

Happy Doodling!!!