Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Hey Qwikpickers! Dave’s Poop Game Hi Score is now 41,309!!!

A lot of SuperFolders have asked for a GAME to play on this site! Well, here you go!

This game is based on an event described in The Qwikpick Papers: POOP FOUNTAIN!
It’s not much of a spoiler to tell you that the Poop Fountain manager, Freddie, once rescued an old heavy metal tape from the poop fountain.
In this game, you have to help him rescue tapes WHILE AVOIDING THE POOP!!!!!

Can you do it? Or will you get SPLATTED?

Scoring over 10,000 is good. Over 12,000 is great!

THE CURRENT high score is 41,309 by SF BOXART MARIO …. CAN YOU BEAT IT?

If you beat it, take a screen shot and submit it with the title: POOP followed by your score. Ex: POOP 22,277
Click here to play the Poop Game