Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

You are invited to join The. Best. Showcase. Ever!

Hey SFs!

Sam’s going to put up a new showcase and I want it to be the BEST ever.

I want ALL active SuperFolders to put their BEST EVER work in this showcase. So when people come to this site for the first time, we can blow them away with stookiness!

As an example, I’ve posted SF Samy’s classic Fortune Wookiee above. Wow! (That dude was good… wish he’d come back.)

So here’s what you do. Submit or RESUBMIT your BEST piece of origami ever! 

If you think the best thing you did was, for example, a Jawa two years ago. Then find that picture — you can always use the search box — and resubmit it with the word BEST in the title.

If you’ve got something new that you think is your best, submit it right away with BEST in the title.

ONE RULE— it has to be decorated origami. No plain white stuff this time. I want your best folds and your best decorations!

REMEMBER — if this is your BEST work, then be sure to take the BEST photo you can. If you submitted it before with a lame photo, take a new one!


Any questions? If so ask me on TalkToTom!