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Origami Yoda

The Future of Origami Yoda…. (Plus details about next showcase)

The series is over.

But the story is not.

I am finished with the story.

But I hope YOU are not!


If you have read Pickletine, you know there are several ways for the story to continue.

Some people assumed I was going to pick one of those ways and write another book. Nope. Not now at least. Maybe not ever.


The SuperFolders have been a huge part of the books, ever since they suggested I write a second book about Darth Vader. I’m sure you’ve got more ideas…. LET’S HEAR THEM!

I’ve always thought that the Origami Yoda Extended Universe was one of the greatest things to come out of the whole series. Long before I had finished, these SuperFolders had started telling their own stories.

You can do this, too!

You want Dwight to make an origami Groot and drive everybody crazy saying “I am Groot?” You can do it!

You want a new kid to come to school with Godzilla  made out of an old sock? You can do it!

You want a prequel where Little Lougene Rabbski makes an Origami Fonzie? AYYYYY, you can do it!

And I really WANT you to do it! Anything you want! The whole Origami Yoda concept yours to play with! McQuarrie Middle School can be your sandbox!

Fold some paper, draw some pictures, write a casefile or just come up with a STOOKY idea for what happens next. It’s up to you.

When you make something, you can put it on your own site, send it to The OY EU or submit it right here to OrigamiYoda.com…. remember, this site isn’t going anywhere!!!

To get things started, let’s do a showcase of YOUR idea for the “next” book! It can be a prequel, a sequel or something else altogther. Make up a cover for it and submit it with the word “NEXT” in the title. You’ve got two weeks!

If you’re looking for an easy way to put a speech balloon over your origami, try SuperLame.com. It’s how I made the image above. EZ!

If you want to discuss this, please use the Talk To Tom page.

Have fun!