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New Showcase Coming: Make your Origami El Deafo and submit it!

Hey SFs!
Well, today is a VERY big day at my house… because my wife, Cece, has a brand new book!
It’s called EL DEAFO!
It’s a graphic novel about how she lost most of her hearing and what happened after that… it’s amazing and I think you guys will really like it!
You know a little bit of Cece’s story already, because she inspired the character of Caroline in OY. (Cece’s middle name is Caroline.) Just like Caroline, she can read lips like a ninja, hates it when people talk to her like she’s dumb and is really awesome. (and cute!) She even tells her own version of the broken pencil story!

A big part of the book is the HUGE hearing aid she had to wear to school:

But even though it looked weird, it gave her secret powers… because she could hear her teacher anywhere in the school even in the BATHROOM:

SO…. to celebrate, we’re going to have an El Deafo showcase! Fold you own version of El Deafo — which is a rabbit version of Cece — and submit it with the tagline EL DEAFO BY (SF NAME HERE).

You can invent your own fold or use my old bunny fold:origamibunnyinstructions

Don’t delay… I’d like to post it soon.
If you have a comment or question about the book or the showcase (or anything else) please use the NEW Talk to Tom page.

The one up top is by SF BatmanReturns and this one is by Mario4Fan: