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The TalkZone will not return…

Update: The TalkZone will not be restarted. This latest mess was the biggest and weirdest of the problems we’ve had, but it certainly was not the first. It’s been an ongoing problem.

People come to this site looking for Star Wars Origami and they see all this fighting and crazy business…. why would they want to get involved? I think the site needs to return to being about Star Wars and origami and showcasing what SFs are making.

Furthermore, this mess really made alarm bells go off for me. This time it was just a prank, but what if something worse happened?

I can’t control the whole internet, but I need to control what goes on on this site. It is impossible for anyone to monitor all the comments as they come in. So the SFTZ comments will just have to be stopped.

I hope you all have learned something from this: that not everyone on the Internet can be trusted. Anytime someone starts asking you for personal information, you need to stop communicating with them and get a parent or other trusted adult involved. This is true whether it’s on OrigamiYoda.com or your own blog or a commercial Website. You may THINK you know someone online, but you don’t. Look how easily we all got fooled this time.

If you guys go looking for another place to chat and goof around, BE CAREFUL!

Meanwhile, this site will still be open for: SF Stookiness, News about my books, TALK TO TOM pages, etc… (Speaking of which, I’ll re-open TTT in a few days, but if it turns into another SFTZ then it’ll have to be kept closed most of the time.)

Alright… I know you guys are going to need to talk about this… so I’ll leave the comments open here for a while…