Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The NEXT Showcase! WOW!

Hey SFs!!! Time to get positive around here again, so I forced Sam to finish up this Showcase. (I threatened to take away his BBQ chips…)

This Showcase is just AMAZING!

I asked SFs to show me where Origami Yoda could go NEXT and they did! I could probably go to my publisher with one of these ideas and make a deal! (But I won’t since these are YOUR ideas)

This is a great reminder of the power of the SuperFolders!!! You guys are massively, majorly and matter-of-factly STOOKY!

Some of these SFs sent in text with their pictures. So read on….


an “else-worlds” style tale of what would’ve happened if Dwight got sent to CREF…


SuperFolder SF_Mega3

Woohoo!!! So, this is my cover for the next OY sequel!!!
Sora and his Dangerous Quest for the Keyblade:
Tommy, a fan of gaming and all that stuff. He discovered a Japanese video game on the shelve, and picked it up. He decided to create the main character of the game, Sora.
PS: Sora and KH belongs to Square Enix and Disney.
PSS: I am not Japanese for sure. :/
Are YOU excited for Kingdom Hearts 3???


SuperFolder SF_CJ

In the book, Rhondella and Jack meet up again in Downey Middle School and are introduced to F.O.L.D. and the Avengepapers. Coming soon to an OY EU near you!


SuperFolder JC

My contribution for the Future of Origami Yoda Showcase!

With Origami Yoda gone, the McQuarrie Crew expected nothing less from Dwight than to create a new origami finger puppet. But this puppet isn’t from Star Wars. It’s the Doctor; the titular character of British TV show Doctor Who. With Creasing Angels, CyberSquirrels, Dalekrillics, and other imaginary wonders “chasing” Dwight, it’s up to Tommy and Sara to determine which of these marvels is actually chasing Dwight, and see what it might have to do with the Mail-lennium Falcon’s flying away with Origami Yoda, along with other wacky sci-fi mysteries…


SuperFolder YodaFan07

On his journey to Micah’s school, Origami Yoda’s ship, The Maillenium Falcon, suddenly crashes. Yoda finds himself on a densely forested planet- the planet of Naboo. Yoda begins a journey through a world that was hidden for a long time as he finds help and hope.


SuperFolder Jawafolderz

This Jawa of Micah’s has been giving out wisdom since the first day of school at St. Peter’s private school. But since it’s only time to be out is in or near the bathroom, it’s hard to get to have some wisdom. But still everyone has come to love this paper towel prodigy. Until at the last quarter of the year, she gets an origami Yoda! Everyone is confused. Where did the Jawa go? Has it been replaced? In this book of origami insanity, will one be triumphant, or will the Jedi and Jawa join together?




SuperFolder SeanSolo

Their once was a boy who brought a origami yoda to school that gave advice .Yoda then away………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………And CAME BACK!

4 years later

Macquarie Middle school was now holding the remains of the gang even after their new Principal ( Mr. Andrew Ultan Lange) started a high school their. The only ones remaining were Tommy, Ben, Sara, Lance (no Amy ,but they picked to go to the same collage), Caroline (who came back for High school) Dwight(who managed to not fail a grade) James, Mike , and Harvey.
Then yoda came back! (yoda talking to himself) tie knot to me to stick on backpack, Hmm. Or in I jump and see surprise face of others. Hee Hee make joke by putting fake note on me from Harvey. Hmm, that will do great, Hee Hee.
10 minutes later…
“Harvey, did you put this in my backpack” waving yoda in his face.” No I didn’t” said Harvey. “Why You… being interrupted by yoda, ” Hate leads to Dark side Hmm?” ” wha… yyyyoodaaa iss tthaatt yyouu? Just then Dwight came walking in and saw yoda. “You’re back!!!!!!!” he then started pulling yoda from Tommy’s hand and put him on his finger.” You got to tell me what you did while you were gone and tell you what we did and a new principal and and …why’d you come back this time?” ” Evil this school hasn’t overcome yet, still more to battle” yoda said. “Should we do an alliance again” questioned Harvey. ” No, remember what happened last time “said Tommy. ” ” Right Tommy is”said yoda.” Different enemy different strategy.” (BELL RINGS) ” well got to get to class” see you at lunch said Harvey.

5 periods later…
Sitting at the lunch table Tommy, Dwight, Caroline, Harvey, Sara, and Mike were waiting for the others. James, and Ben sat down. Lance was last, always. “Okay let’s see him” said James who wanted to know if he actually came back. Dwight took it out of his pocket and in the center of the table. Origami yoda cleared his throat. “Surprise you are to see me after 4 years and are wondering am fool I am for childhood imaginary getting in way of real life.” ” evil is lurking still and is winning in the shadows while know one knows.” In the force I feel evil that is coming, in the future I see people marching on field with weird pipes, I see it” ‘That’s probably our marching band” said Caroline.” Yeah” said Harvey ,we got into the football finals, I don’t think it’s evil though…” Evil it is!”, screeched origami yoda,” just don’t see yet” I can perfectly see paperwad yoda!” shouted Harvey. Everyone looked and stared luckily they didn’t see yoda ,but then the new principal came in and started looking things over. Dwight had just enough time before he came over to stuff origami yoda in his pocket. (BELL RANG) “Get to class kids” was managed to be said as the principal shuffled out right before yoda said meet on the field after school.

2 hours later…
Everyone was their on the bleachers watching football practice before Dwight showed up with yoda. “evil principal is I can prove” said origami yoda. “okay, tell me proof paperwad” sneered Harvey. Yoda getting a piece of paper and pen he whispered to Dwight to write down what came out was this…


…”What’s that said Harvey. “Anagram” replied origami yoda, “read first letters down, Hmm. “It says AUL” said Ben. “Look at the M too” said yoda. ” It says “Maul”. replied Caroline. “He’s Darth Maul!” said origami yoda.” No he’s not” said Harvey, “it’s not logical”.” We need real proof.” “Humph” grumbled yoda, “that is real proof.” “Well what’s this evil about yoda, we know it’ll happen in 2 days, but what is it about? “I see money evolved, I see principal waiting next to garbage truck tomorrow morning, he’s looking at his watch…”it’s probably the monthly donations, interrupted Harvey”… it says 1:03 continued origami yoda then stopped. “We be their at lunch tomorrow to see what happen” said yoda. Ben then said,” What’s he doing this for ?” His answer was answered by everybody” Money!” “Meet at Table for lunch” said origami yoda. “Wondered if he’s talking about play money. “sneered Harvey as he said it to Sara as They all went home…
The next day at 12:55…
“You guys ready to spy on the principal?” whispered Tommy. ” Oh, Yeah, can’t wait. “said Sara.” Well I can’t go, coach is going to give us a pep talk because of the football finals tomorrow” replied Ben. And you know, I think this is just a thing and theirs no evil going on and I am their best player.” “Well your loss missing paperwad make a fool of himself, but I’ll let you go.” snickered Harvey. Ben left just as Dwight was coming and Dwight said, “These Rib-B-Q’s expired last month and they still taste good! “Then Yoda said,” Sneak trough Gym to library to outside you must so won’t bump Mr. MAUL in.” “Not proper paperwad.” said Harvey. Proper my whole language is!” retorted origami yoda.
10 minutes later…
“SSSSHH, He’s coming.” said James who was hiding with the gang in a garbage bin the size of a small car. Mr. Andrew (or Maul) walked out the open door and leaned on the garbage bin. He checked his watch impatiently. The time said 1:03. ” Right I was,” whispered origami yoda.” “Who said that, “said Mr. Andrew who seemed pale at the time went even paler. “Probably me,” a new voice just as startled as everyone else. Just humming I’m afraid, Happy I’m going to win the championship in the bag.” “Hey that’s our football coach from Tippet Academy whispered Caroline softly, our team was the “Tippet Terrors” sadly we never won any football finals.” Well let’s hope we kick them since we’re playing them in the football finals,” said Harvey in return. ” Not unless you give me my money you won’t,” said Mr. Andrew. “GASP” said the gang.
“You got that right” said the coach, but first I want to hear your idea so I won’t have any problems in the game.” “Well, I’m planning to saw the bench so when they sit down in their sitting arrangements it will fall including Ben our best player then tipping the cooler and crushing him in the middle making sure he’ll have a twisted foot or something and won’t play.” “Good,” said the coach,” just wipe out another player.” “Wow, you gave me $2,000 to wipe out Ben so you will win the football finals” “I’ll give you another 2,000 to wipe out another player,” replied coach. “Deal” said the principal.
5 minutes later when they stopped and went away, the gang got out and started talking all at once. the main thing they said was “WE’VE GOT TO WARN BEN!!!!” They raced back to find ben finishing his lunch because the meeting was over. “Ben, gotta warn you paperwad is right and the principal out to get you,” said Harvey who was now believing in origami yoda for the first time in 4 years. “Yeah, the principal is going to kill me,” said Ben sarcastically. “No, actually he is except he’ll hurt you not kill you, “said Caroline. “I don’t believe it,” said Ben,” got to go to class bye.”
After School while Ben was at football practice…
“Thank you to show up, Hmm,” said origami yoda. “Well, we have to protect Ben,” said Sara. “Hey! ,whoops I mean yeah… said Tommy who was blushing.” We need a plan, “said James. “Well, we better find a replacement bench so Ben won’t get hurt, “said Harvey “but I would make a replacement plan if someone was giving me that kind of money.” “It pains for me to say it, but Harvey’s right”, grumbled Tommy. “Fix all benches we must, but not be seen.” said origami yoda. ” We must come at night, Hmmm.” said yoda. Then we all left.
Later that night…
We met in the gym and not a word was spoken through the whole thing. It mostly contained Duck tape, nails, and hammers. Then we were done and left.
At the football game during half-time…
Nothing has happened. The score is 24 to 17 Macquarie. The principal is making his move. Alright gang, we’re doing great. To your signed seating everyone. Charles at the end ,Ben in the middle, and Jack on the other end.” Then Ben sat in the middle, seating on top a sturdy bench. “Waah…” mumbled Mr. Andrew. ” You look like you saw a ghost.” replied Ben looking worried. “Oh, no that’s ok. “I’ll go get you a drink.” said Mr. Andrew slyly. Coming back with a drink he gave it to Ben and smiled, “Hope you do well.” And Half-time was over. They got on the field including Ben who was turning a shade of green. 5 minutes later he threw up. He had to be taken off the field and to the nurse. He could not play anymore. Soon after that, Charles slipped on the field and broke his finger. We still had the substitutes to fill their places, but they weren’t nearly as good as them. Then origami yoda said to call 911.”WHAT!” said Harvey,” we don’t even have proof.” ” Proof we have.” origami yoda said whispering in Dwight’s ear about something. ” He does have good proof though.” said Dwight. Harvey wouldn’t let us use his phone and Tommy, James, and Sara’s were dead. So we ended up using Caroline’s phone. We called the police and they came in 3 minutes flat. The whole game had to stop even though it was at a tie, 36-36. Dwight went over their to explain to the police officers what yoda had told him without having yoda in it. Turns out that Mr. Andrew food poisoned Ben in the drink and rubbed grease on Charles cleats. In the end Mr. Andrew (MAUL) went to jail for 2 years and was never aloud to be principal again. Also the other coach had to go to jail for 4 years and having a fine of $2,500. Then The rest of the gang made it happily ever after and origami yoda stayed with Dwight.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!