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SF PurseGirl’s news…

SF PurseGirl is a Mighty SuperFolder who has folded 1,000 Yodas and made other cool stuff, so she gets the VIP treatment around here…

PurseGirl sez:

Dear Tom and SF’s
You know me as Purse Girl, I am writing to you because I am turning 16 real soon, and it might be time for me to hang up the purse.
I will soon grow out of the books because I am not a middle school reader anymore. I am a high school reader. Reading, studying, and focusing on graduating.
I will be having a contest to see who will win my purse/satchel. I call it a satchel because it mostly is a satchel. That’s the big secret. The contest is you have to make an emperor pickletine, the best one you can ever make and send it to me at rachelmarie1@sbcglobal.net. Best one wins the purse/satchel. Starts 7/18/14. Ends 8/26/14.
I will miss you all so much. I will still try to keep in touch with Tom. I will hang up the purse/satchel when the contest ends. I will still read the final book.
Until then May the Folds be with us all.
SF Purse Girl