Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

OrigamiYoda.com is BACK!!! Tons of new origami EVERY DAY!


I’m so happy to tell you that we are up and running again!!!!!!

WebBuilder Gordon and WebGuru Jeffrey have come up with an awesome way to troll-proof SuperFolder Stookiness, thanks to a suggestion from one of you SuperFolders!!! It’s kind of like a LIKE button, but 100 times STOOKIER! Go check it out to see what I mean!!!

Now that the site is back, Webmaster Sam will be posting 20-30 new pieces of origami EVERY DAY!!!! So I hope you will visit often and use the new system to tell your fellow SFs how stooky their stuff is!!!!!

TalkToTom will probably continue to be a once or twice a week moderated chat. And we’re still trying to figure out what to do about the TalkZone.

But this site is ALL ABOUT THE ORIGAMI! And we are going to have a MASSIVE amount of that from now on!!!!

Thanks for hanging in there while we worked this out!!!

To celebrate I’m going to leave the comments open here for awhile!!! (Don’t even THINK about being a Harvey or a troll right now…)