Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

TTT/SFTZ tonight is over…. but it sure was fun!

Hey SFs!!! Great to see you again and get a chance to talk to you again!

Hope you had fun on Star Wars day and enjoyed making Foldy Wan!

We’re still not ready to reopen the site all the way, so… let’s do another LIVE Talk To Tom/SuperFolderTalkZone!

This is your chance to ask me questions, ask each other questions or just yakkety yak!

If we hit 1,000 comments again, I’ll post ANOTHER sneak peek from the new book! One that I just drew TODAY!

AND don’t forget that Sam had put up some new STOOKINESS, like this awesome Ahsoka USB Holder by KirigamiGirl! So go check that out and comment on those, too!