Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

TTT/SFTZ is over, but check out the Sneak Peeks from BOOK6 and Qwikpick!

Hey SFs!!! Thought I’d share some SNEAK PEEKS from Qwikpick for those of you who didn’t rush out to buy a copy immediately.

Click on any of these to see them better.

All you need to know to read about the Great Origami Pegasus Disaster is that Lyle and Dave are always competitive… and that Lyle likes Marilla, but is worried that she maybe likes Dave!
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This week I’m hoping we can talk about Qwikpick and Stonewall Hinkleman a bit, in addition to Origami Yoda and all the other stuff we usually talk about. So… let’s start!