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Origami Yoda

Snacky Star Wars Characters Contest results….

Hello SFs!!!

I know I’ve kept you hanging for a LONG time to find out who “won” the contest. But I needed to see what was actually going to fit in the book…

But now I have news for you …
If the prize you wanted was getting your name in the book, then it’s really good news!

EVERYONE who entered the contest by suggesting a snack-version of a Star Wars character — such as Pringles Leia — is getting their name in the acknowledgements!!!!

It’s about 400 names! An incredible line-up of SuperFolder talent! (please remember that mistakes can happen, and if anyone who entered doesn’t end up in the acknowledgements, then I will find some way to make it up to you.)

As for which suggestions actually made it into the book…. I don’t want to spoil the book by listing them all.
However, I can tell you that most names that included a Trademarked product — such as Princess Leia — couldn’t be used.
There were other really good suggestions, like Ahsoka Taco, that I just couldn’t figure out how to draw.
So please understand, that I had to leave out some really really good ones!

But whether your joke was used or not, if you entered your name should be in the acknowledgements!