Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

BookTour complete! Let’s chat Tuesday night!

Hey SFs!
Wow, I had a huge 4-day booktour… a mega-store signing (in a tiny store)…

… a great school visit in Germantown, MD, a great drop-in signing at Winchester Book Gallery in Winchester, VA, and a WILD WILD day at the Gaithersburg Book Festival. I got to meet some amazing people, including the STOOKY SF Tanner who got up on stage with me and we taught a tentload of people how to fold Yoda!!! (SF Tanner is in that picture somewhere, but to keep his privacy I won’t point him out…)

I’m back home now and ready to get back to work — finishing up Pickletine and such. Let’s get together for a chat TUESDAY 5/20 at 8:30 Eastern. Sound good? See you then!