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Origami Yoda

News…. including the return of the TalkZone, contest update and a SURPRISE new book!

Hey SFs!!!!

I’ve got some news for you, including the news you really want to know about…. the return of the SuperFolder TalkZone!

***Friday Night, from 8:30 to 10 Eastern time (7:30 to 9 Central, 5:30 to 7 Pacific) Sam is going to open up comments on a NEW Temporary TalkZone and you guys can all have a good chat! Comments will also be open on many recent SF Stookiness posts, so I hope you will comment on those, too! Meanwhile, Sam will be on ANTI-TROLL duty with one finger on the DELETE button and the other on the BLOCK USER FOREVER AND EVER button.

Some other BIG news:

**** I’ve got this CRAZY book called ANGELINA BUGLEBRAIN that no publisher would take. They just thought it was too wacky and had no real point. Well, I guess I agree!!! So, we finally figured out a way to bring this book to life WITHOUT a publisher.

Mark Turetsky, the voice of Tommy in the OY audiobooks, is making ANGELINA into an audiobook and it’ll be out this summer and it’ll be a really cheap (maybe even free) download!

Here’s the synopsis:

 You know all those TALL TALES from American Folklore? Paul Bunyan’s Ox, Ben Franklin’s Kite, Abe Lincoln’s Belching? Well, this is a VERY Tall Tale about the reporter who wrote those Tall Tales in the first place. Her name is Angelina Buglebrain and she risks everything to bring you the stories so you better read them, for crying out loud!

****Do you like Zita the Spacegirl? I sure would like to get some Origami Zitas for a special post I’ll be doing to celebrate the new Zita book.

**** The Book 6 contest is now officially over and I have made my preliminary decisions. But I have to find out for certain which ones will actually fit into the book before I announce anything. I can tell you that there will be MANY winners!

**** We’re working on bringing this site back to life. There will be some changes made and some of them will be frustrating, but we can’t this website go to the Dark Side! So we will have to be as PATIENT AS PADAWANS!

I really hope to restart SF Stookiness soon!

**** Okay… I REALLY need to get back to work!