Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

THE CONTEST… (Taking the place of Talk to Tom this week)

HEY SFs!!!

THIS IS IT! This is the ONE AND ONLY chance to get your name in the acknowledgements of Book 6!!! And you may even get to ADD SOMETHING to the actual casefile.

But first, let me note that last week’s Talk to Tom will keep rolling this week. So go there with your questions, comments, etc…

Please use the comments on this page for CONTEST STUFF ONLY!

Okay, in BOOK 6, the McQuarrie 7th graders will go on their field trip to DC.

It’s a long drive and they need to pass the time. So they naturally try to make Star Wars characters out of the SNACKS they brought along.

An example is: General CHEESE-IUS made out of string cheese.


Come up with some other Star Wars character names that involve snacks. You don’t actually have to make them, just think of them.

Enter your VERY BEST names  in the comments below. LIMIT THREE ENTRIES PER PERSON.*

Kellen is going to be drawing pictures of some of the best ones. So this is your chance to actually add to A CASEFILE! (So by entering, you’re giving me permission to use your entry in the book. And by entering you may be getting your SUPERFOLDER name in the acknowledgements, too. So if you do not want your SF name in the book, be sure to say so.)

*Let’s not get too worked up if more than one person thinks of the same idea. Definitely do not accuse anyone of “stealing” your idea. We’re all going to think of some of the same jokes, such as Pizza the Hutt. So keep it cool….