Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Big news coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Hey SFs!

Just giving you a heads up that we should be getting four pieces of BIG news in the next few weeks.

First: next week we’ll see if Princess Labelmaker can put the Origami Yoda series back on the New York Times Bestseller charts. That would be nice, but is pretty small news compared to the rest… (Of course, if it could get to the TOP of the list for the first time ever, that would be BIG!)

Second: A GIANT TOP SECRET project I’ve been working on is going to be announced in March. (I hope) This thing is BIG! A lot bigger than just me! There are a bunch of people involved and it is going to be AWESOME!

Third: I’ve heard we’re going to reveal the title and cover star of the FINAL BOOK in April. I’ve seen an early design of the cover and it will KNOCK YOUR MYNOCKS OFF!

FOURTH: And maybe biggest for some of you. A contest will be coming up that will let you try to get your name in the acknowledgements of the final book AND —- and this is the BIG part — possibly also contribue to the actual book itself!