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Origami Yoda

Talk to Tom Week of Jan. 6 — The return of the TalkZone…

Hey SFs!!!!

Lately, this Talk to Tom page has been partly Talk to Tom and mostly SuperFolders talking with each other. THAT IS A GOOD THING!

So I’ve been thinking that it’s time to bring back something we had on the old site: The SuperFolder TalkZone!

This was a chance for SuperFolders to talk about anything they wanted — even if it wasn’t origami or Star Wars — as long as it as “family friendly,” of course. (Actually, I think we also tried to avoid religion and politics and Minecraft vs. Roblox.)

Sam would be glad to make a page for it, but I worry about monitoring it and keeping it rated PG.

So… are there some of you who would be willing to help me and Sam keep an eye on it? If I could be sure that a few trustworthy SFs were checking on it every day, I think we could do it. I’d need you to report any problems to Webmaster Sam immediately. And then Webmaster Sam would decide whether to delete the comments or not.

On some sites, these people are called moderators or MODS. But we can think of something better than that, right?


So… Should we restart the TalkZone? Are you willing to help? What should we call the mods? Which character should we use for the button? (Like Art2 on the submission button)

AND….. should we rename it or keep the old name?

Answer in the comments below …. or ask me a question or talk to the other SuperFolders or whatnot…