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Origami Yoda

Talk to Tom week of Jan. 20: Plot of Labelmaker? Last chance to guess!

Hey SFs!!!!

In NEXT week’s Talk to Tom, I am going to post a sneak preview of the new book which is going to tell you a lot. It’s not really a spoiler, though, since it’s the first page of the book.

So…. any last guesses about what the plot of the book is going to be? How does Princess Labelmaker come to the rescue? What does a labelmaker have to do with it?

You may also want to guess which character makes The Princess, but I will NOT be revealing that next week. That’s a central mystery of the book. (It is NOT Rabbski, in case you’ve read the synopsis on Amazon.)

So enter your guess in the comments, or ask me a question or just say hi.

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