Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The perfect Origami Yoda paper… at a Big Lots near you?

Calling all SuperFolders!!! Time to become Bounty Hunters!!

Christmas shopping season means only one thing to a SuperFolder… a chance to find the most elusive, most legendary, mot epic, most stooky giftwrap known to man: the green/brown.

Solid green on the outside, brown (not white) on the other side! Find a single roll of this and you can make hundreds of Yodas with a brown robe and a green head.

Check your local BIG LOTS! In previous years, we’ve had reports from Big Lots all over the place!

If you find it, definitely let us know in the comments!!!! (But be careful not to give away information about where you live. Just let us know what STATE you found it in…)