Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

A SuperFolder In Need! Origami Jedi Council Member Micah asks for your help…


Remember Micah and Marcus?

Micah is the amazing SuperFolder who folded 1,000 Yodas to raise money for Marcus, who is fighting cancer. (This picture shows Micah with the 1,000 Yodas!)
CLICK HERE to see photos of Micah, Marcus and the Yodas and read a newspaper article about them…

The fight isn’t over yet. There’s been a set-back and Marcus is going to need additional treatment. So Micah is ready to step up again. This time he wants to make Marcus an Origami Yoda Christmas tree …. and raise $1,000 at the same time!

Micah is an amazing kid who has already done a lot. I’m honored that my books have played a small role in all of this… And you can be part of it, too!

Here are Marcus’ instructions on how YOU can help:
1) Please trace your hand on green paper. It can be any kind of green paper–printer paper, wrapping paper, construction paper, but it must be some shade of green. Cut out your hand and write a message to Marcus on it. Have everyone in your family do it! You can even make one for your dogs and cats (and iguanas! and flying squirrels!).
2) Send your hand(s) and $1 (checks payable to the Marcus Bolles Medical Fund) for each hand you are sending to me to:
The Yoda Project
1100 Klaskanine Ave
Astoria, OR 97103
3) If you want, you can also sponsor one of 20 limited edition origami Yoda ornaments for $25. I’ll make Yoda and other characters from origami all sparkly and Christmasy.
4) I also need one person to sponsor a tree-topper for $100. I’m not sure what it will be, but it will be AWESOME! (Well, as awesome as an 11 year old kid can make it!)
5) Using your green hand cut-outs and the Yoda ornaments, I’m going to make Marcus a Christmas tree! He’ll be able to see all of the hands of everyone who supported him!
6) All of your hands, cards, and money NEED to arrive at the address above by Friday, December 13. I need some time to put everything together and get it to Marcus by Christmas, so HURRY!

PS from Sam: Please keep your comments ON TOPIC!!!!!