Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

LAST CHANCE TO GUESS… Cover Star Reveal is still set for tomorrow (Oct 17) as far as I know!

Lots of things can happen to change cover reveals and book launch dates (as we have learned the hard way) but if you’ll keep your montrals crossed, I think it WILL be tomorrow!

So, you’ll know:

The Title

The Cover Star

What the Cover Star Looks Like

And a bit of the plot, because the title and cover have some info in them!

Also… there should be a press release out which will explain WHY that character is the cover star!


SO this is officially your last chance to guess!

And just to keep things interesting:

I think some people who are sure they are right, may be in for a surprise! After all…. it surprised me, too! I thought it was going to be Foldy Wan!


Hints/Red Herrings:

1: Folding instructions are 13 steps, plus decoration.

2. Although some people have guessed the character, I sincerely doubt that anyone would EVER guess the pun in a million years!

3. ZAP!

4. O MY D!

5. The actual origami on the cover uses the NathanielW base! Thanks, SF NathanielW!!!!!!!!!