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Origami Yoda

SF Yodamaster: The All-Time Yoda-Folding Record … Or can you beat it?

Here’s YodaMaster’s claim…

“I’ve added it up. If you’re wondering, I’ve calculated how many Yodas I’ve folded. So, seeing I fold about 3 Yodas a day. Doing this since 2010, for 365 days, that’s 1095. Then, multiply That by about 3, and the total is about 3285 Yodas. Crazy? Insane? I thought so.”

Hmmm… Surely he took a day off at some point???

Anyone out there think they can beat it?

I think PurseGirl may have averaged more Yodas per day since she started, but she hasn’t been folding as long.

As for me… I’ve done a lot, but not THAT many!