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Origami Yoda

News from Tom

Hey SFs!!!!

Well, Jabba has ended it’s streak at #1 on the Publishers Weekly Chart. Wow!!! Thanks to all of you for helping to make that #1 run happen! (And, hey, #2 isn’t bad either!!!)

An especially big thanks to everyone who was part of The Puppetts Take Manhattan! The window decorationg featuring YOUR origami was a smash hit! The bookstore, Books of Wonder, sold so many OY books that they’ve asked to keep the window up for another two weeks!!!! Yeeeha!

Speaking of books: The new Guys Read book with stories by me, Rick Riordan and a bunch of other folks will be out on Sept. 17. Check it out! And if you do e-books, I think you can download my story separately. It is called:

And the box set of OY books will be out in October, I think…

The submissions are amazing! Keep them coming!