Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The best SuperFolder-made instructions?

I want to make the HOW TO FOLD post the ultimate collection of Star Wars Origami instructions in the universe!

To do that I need to add, SuperFolder instructions.

So I’m asking you…. which instructions (either on the new site or the old site*) have been the best? Which ones did you try and they ACTUALLY WORKED! Which ones were clearly drawn and would not confuse/anger a beginner too much?

If you want to add your OWN INSTRUX, please do so, but take a second to make sure they fit what I’ve said above. We really want to show people our best work….

If you will add the links (or at least the name) to these in the comments, I will then add the best ones to the How To Fold page.


*You can still visit the old site here.