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More Q&A from the comments…

SINCE TTT is not happening anymore, you are welcome to use the SUBMIT button to send in a list of questions… (ALSO, REMEMBER TO SUBMIT TO THE NEXT SHOWCASE*) These are from GusGrissom” Who is the guy who plays Mr. GCF on the Bookmark? A librarian/actor named Brian, Do you […]

Cantina Band

    EASY to make! Fun to play with! Yes, there wil be instructions…. STAY TUNED!

January MegaDoodle is DOODLED!

Up there’s the MegaDoodle! That was fun! Thanks to EVERYONE who used our new system. It worked great!!! The setting this month was Smugwick Manor from Horton Halfpott! The top vote getter was “Chris the Crispy Bacon” with 120 votes so I drew him first. I couldn’t fit in everything… […]

The TEAMS Showcase!!! Plus info about the next showcase!

Wow! You SFs are a great TEAM! Just look at this awesome showcase you put together, with a little help from Webmaster Sam…   Great work, everybody! Ready for another one? Recently I got this awesome Star Wars Doodle From Emperor Pickletine10: It’s Wicket playing a guitar!!!! You can look […]

SF Grandmaster’s Imperial Guard!

Just in case some of you don’t check Stookiness every day, I didn’t want anybody to miss this one. There has been A LOT of great origami lately. I’ve really been impressed! I’m putting this one on the front page because I WISH I HAD THOUGHT OF IT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to a new year of OrigamiYoda.com! Let’s start with a new showcase!

UPDATE: WOW!!! The submissions are incredible!!! Thanks to SF YodaFan07 for this great shot of the WIMPY KID TEAM!   Hello SFs!!! OrigamiYoda’s Website is now FIVE YEARS OLD! And the book will be celebrating FIVE YEARS in print soon, with a new paperback edition! (Check out this old post from […]

Some answers….or TTT the slow way…

Hey SFs, since TTT isn’t working out real well, I decided to answer some questions that a SF submitted through the submit button…   SuperFolder Gus_Grissom 1. When and where did you reveal YOUR Foldywan instructions? Last year’s May the Fifth! http://origamiyoda.com/2014/05/may-the-fourth-be-with-you-foldy-wan-instructions-for-happystarwarsday/   2. Are you inventing new origami? Yes 3. […]

How about a resolution to be right-side-up in 2015?

Here’s a resolution I’d love for the SFs to make… NO MORE UPSIDE DOWN OR SIDEWAYS PHOTOS IN 2015 BEFORE you take a picture, make sure you have the camera tilted the right way. It can be hard to tell AFTER the photo is taken, so make sure you check […]

The Stooktacular 2014 Origami Showcase!!! And some stuff about 2015…

Remember 2014? Ah, those were the good ol’ days….       Great folding, SFs!!! Thanks for making the last Showcase of 2014 a HUGE and STOOKY one!!! (HUGKY? STOOGY?) What about 2015? Here are some things I’m looking forward to: Qwikpick2 RAT WITH THE HUMAN FACE!!!! Origami Yoda in […]

The SOME Days of Christmas…

On the 100th Day of Xmas, my true love gave to me… 100 Yodeling Yodas by CJ…     13 Santa Yodas by StarWarsMarvelDC….     4 Calling Artoos. OY180…   3 French Ackbars (one is still in France, Apparently) by OYoda…   Two Turtle Darths by Lord Vader…   […]

How Boba Saved Christmas…

You all know the story of how Boba helped out Santa and Saved Christmas right? NO??? Well, this song is about Santa’s frantic phone call to Boba that very special night. Bonus points to anyone who endures all the way through to the end…

Origami Yoda Candy Box

Yep, it’s one uncut sheet of paper. Used some glue to keep it together…

Making a Gizmo Snowflake will make your holiday a FUNTIME!!!!

You’ve probably seen those amazing Star Wars snowflakes on the internet by now. Here’s one just for us: Gizmo!     Click on the template. Print it as big as you can. Fold it up. Get really mad because the lines are messed up. Go ahead and cut it out […]

Ahem… Showcase reminders

If you signed up for the 12 Days Showcase… please submit your work really soon! We only have a few days submitted so far! Thank you O_Yoda for this one! It’s very funny!!!     And if you’re working on the 2014 Showcase, remember it’s due Dec. 27 and will be […]

Check out these SFs’ STOOKY Holiday Countdowns!

Captain Origami’s Countdown (That’s his picture of R2DEER2 and Anakin Sleighwalker up top!)     Bruce110’s Countdown This one is “Four Calling Clones!”     Doctor Who Christmas Minecraft!     BatmanReturns Countdown   MasterFolderJohn’s Countdown PauseenP’s Countdown    ChippySlusher’s Countdown Tyler’s Countdown Mega3’s Countdown           […]

Next Showcase will be….

Cool news! We just passed 7,500 submissions posted!!!!! YEEHA! Our next Showcase will be: 2014! Anything you want as long as it happened in 2014. Lots of books, movies, TV shows, games to choose from! Don’t ask Sam : “Can I do SUCH AND SUCH?” If it happened in 2014 […]

Folding a Galaxy with Chippy Slusher and some cool Larrys!

Only had a small crowd for today’s event… but that was OK because it gave me a chance to hang out and fold with Chippy Slusher! We folded for and hour and a 1/2 or more! He folded this stooky Death Star Gunner… and a UmHiGuy Death Star to go […]

News and stuff and origami Santa instructions…

First, in case you’re new, remember: SUPERFOLDER STOOKINESS is where the action is! 100 or more new posts EVERY WEEK! Look at the new stuff, leave comments and submit your own! Secondly, another milestone. We’ve passed 6 million hits for the new origamiyoda.com, in just 1 1/2 years! Thirdly, tomorrow […]

Classic Showcase!!!

The challenger here was to make something from the PRE-Star Wars era. Batman, proved pretty popular, followed by Doctor Who. (Note: Look closely, PaperDragon’s R2D2 may actually be a Dalek….)  

Update from Tom (the rat)

Howdy SFs!!! I’m finally home from that crazy 9 day roadtrip! Even Greg Hefley wasn’t on the road that long! Here are a few updates: 1) That Star Wars 7 trailer was awesome, huh? Looking forward to seeing the first origami versions of those characters…. 2) Some trolls stopped by. […]

Signed books available at B&Ns …

In 2014, I signed over 10,000 books for Indie bookstores and B&N. B&N saved theirs for Black Friday. So you may be able to get one. They’ll also have signed books from other authors, Time lapse vid of me signing books:

OY Funnies….

Hey SFs… I’m still trapped at the Holiday Inn, so here’s something silly I made while passing the time…  

It’sa me! EZ Mario!!

Hey SFs! I’m trapped in a Holiday Inn by the snow… So i thought I’d make some instrux. Only limited paper and pens available, though. Here’s EZ Mario and Luigi. They’d look a lot better with red/white and green/white paper… Same folds could make any baseball cap wearing person, of […]

Hey Qwikpickers! Dave’s Poop Game Hi Score is now 41,309!!!

A lot of SuperFolders have asked for a GAME to play on this site! Well, here you go! This game is based on an event described in The Qwikpick Papers: POOP FOUNTAIN! It’s not much of a spoiler to tell you that the Poop Fountain manager, Freddie, once rescued an […]

Heck yes, Qwikpickers!

Felt like I was riding in Freddie’s truck when this came on this morning!


The BEST Showcase!

We asked the SuperFolders to send in their BEST origami! And the result is: WOW! Over 70 entries!!! Take a look: NOTE: If you entered more than one item, Sam picked his favorite. ALL entries will appear in Stookiness eventually. If you missed this Showcase…. don’t worry we’ll have another […]


Talk To Tom is over for tonight! Tune in Next time.

If you signed up to do one of the 12 Days of Christmas….   First make something to go with your day…   Like a drummer for 12 Drummers Drumming…. or you know, 12 Droids a Droiding or whatever. Make sure you write the name in there somewhere. Like I […]


Moderated SFTZ over for tonight. Tune in next time!

OK, SFs…. You guys chat a bit and I’ll keep an eye on things… I know Tom willbe interested to hear what stuff you’ve been up to! -Sam   ps: Note: Tom is not chatting or doodling tonight. He wanted to give you guys a chance to talk….

Doing a Christmas or Other Countdown? Tell Sam…

Sf Chippy Slusher tells me a bunch of SFs are doing Christmas Countdowns on their own sites! I want to see!!! So, if you’re doing one, please SUBMIT one photo and put a LINK in there, too. Put the word COUNTDOWN in the title… Then if we ask nicely, Sam […]

Pics from the Road Trip

New origami from SF UmHiGuy, who came to see me in Chincoteague!! Top picture by a boy not named Madeliene. Its his catalog of origami. Second an incredible new Yoda design. The picture just doesn’t show it well enough. It’s amazing. Third, I took this photo while onstage. That’s the […]

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