Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda



Back from the Book Fest… Stay tuned for El Deafo

Hey SFs! Sorry I was out of touch, but I’m back now and will start a new TTT soon. Stay tuned for an important post tomorrow: Cece’s graphic novel is out TOMORROW! Cece as many of you know is the inspiration for Caroline. Her graphic novel is her story of […]


Mega-Doodle live event right here, tonight at 8:30 EST…

A Mega-Doodle is a drawing I make LIVE while SFs send in requests for what I should draw. BEFORE YOU SEND IN YOUR REQUEST, READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) DO NOT ask me to draw 50 things. The idea here is that everyone adds one thing at a time. NOT THIS: […]


Jabba’s Throne Room by SF Mandomaker

I don’t do this often, but I felt like Mandomaker’s submission deserved some front page time! This one has it all: LOTS of origami, lots of detail in the decorating of that origami, quality photography AND photoshopping! Wow!


Sam sez: Blog Roll is brand new!

Tom sez: The SuperFolders are amazing! Need proof? Well, there’s proof every day on SF Stookiness. But if you still want more, go check out the SFs that have their own blogs! You’ll find them on the ALL NEW Blog Roll! Thanks for updating the blog roll,Webmaster Sam! —– Sam […]


Pickletine is coming! We’re just days away from THE END!

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the Origami Yoda series. Emperor Pickletine, the LAST book in the Origami Yoda series, comes out Aug. 12! (The website will keep going, btw). I just want to remind everybody again… you’ll only get ONE CHANCE to read this book the […]

The Emperor Pickletine Book Launch & COAST TO COAST International Tour News…

Well, coast-to-coast is stretching it a bit, but I’ll start in an Atlantic coast state: BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA!   From there it looks like I’ll go to BUFFALO, MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO, LA and VANCOUVER, Canada, starting in September. Sorry I can’t meet all of you!!!!!   Imaginations Toys, Blacksburg VAAugust 22ndTom Angleberger […]

Plastic (Imperial) Army Men

I have flipped for these new plastic Star Wars figures made to look like old-school plastic army men. (But with fantastic detail) Best of all, they fit with the actual old school Tim-Mee (?) Star Wars knockoff toys. So fake Vader finally gets some real troopers… But the troopers have […]


Mini Mega Doodle….

And we’re done!! Stay tuned… I did one if just Lunchman Jeff which I’ll upload in a sec


Okay, folks…. the book has leaked out. It’s totally unfair, but it happens everytime. Be on the lookout and you might get ahold of it early. If you do… PLEASE NO SPOILERS! And remember… when you get it, read it from front to back. Lots of spoilers you might accidentally […]

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