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We made this MEGA-Doodle tonight!

Here’s the mega doodle we made tonight! Thanks for all the ideas SFs!! You may have to click the picture to see it all… And here are the in-progress drawings. We started with Dwight in the Tardis and went from there…

Pickletine Acknowledgements

Dear SFs… I both love and hate the acknowledgements. I love getting a chance to thank so many of you in print, but I know that there are going to be some SFs who didn’t make it and will be upset. That’s the part I hate. So… rather than have […]


The Last Book Is In Range! One Month and Counting!!!!

UPDATE: When I say don’t peek, I mean… NOT AT THE LAST PAGE OF THE STORY NOT AT THE INSTRUX NOT AT THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS NOT AT THE FINAL DOODLE This is THE END of a story. You will only get ONE CHANCE to read this book for the first time. […]


SF PurseGirl’s news…

SF PurseGirl is a Mighty SuperFolder who has folded 1,000 Yodas and made other cool stuff, so she gets the VIP treatment around here… PurseGirl sez: Dear Tom and SF’s You know me as Purse Girl, I am writing to you because I am turning 16 real soon, and it […]


Star Wars Origami with the NW base…

At long last, a video to explain the NathanielW base, which NathanielW used for Yoda and I used for Princess Lablemaker. You can also use it for Darth Maul, Ewok, JarJar, lots of stuff!


Ran across some early Manga Dwight sketches

He knows karate. Here’s a note: When my editor and art director first saw Manga Dwight they did not like it and I think they wanted to cut it from the book because they didn’t think anyone would know what was going on. So I suggested that we just label […]


The LAST SuperFolderTalkZone???

Okay, SFs… This doesn’t HAVE to be the last SFTZ. Just follow this advice from SF Hayden10: Lets make this work guys we need to respect each other with courage, integrity, friendship and most important we need to know how lucky we are to have this website, Tom and Sam, […]

SF Jessenia’s Letter!

If you have been reading the comments, you probably know that I have been waiting a long time to get just Jessenia’s letter. I finally got to read it today. It is awesome! I just drew a nice picture and signed a bookmark to send back to her. I hope […]


Talk to Tom — featuring the new Qwikpick Trailer!

Hey SFs!!! Check out the new trailer for Qwikpick Papers: Poop Fountain. (That’s the first book in the Qwikpick series…) Qwikpick 1 BooK Trailer Then use the comments to talk to me about Qwikpick or Origami Yoda or Pickletine or whatever else is on your mind. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS […]

Angelina Buglebrain Cover Contest winner…

Wow!!! The covers you guys sent in for Angelina were AWESOME! Tricky to pick a winner, but I felt like CJ did the best job of fitting in all the action and craziness! Right now there’s no prize exactly, but just think of the fame and glory of it all. […]


Drawing the Cover Stars — high speed video…

Hey SFs! I was filming a trailer for Qwikpick Papers recently and figured that while I had the drawing board and the lighting set up, I’d try drawing the cover stars really really fast… (Well, actually I used a timelapse app) Tom’s Hi Speed Drawing Youtube Video

Return of the UmHiGuy! Featuring origami K9 from Doctor Who!

Whenever I visit Sundial Books in Chincoteague, I’m always hoping for a visit from one of the all time greatest SFs, UmHiGuy. He’s contributed a lot of good ideas and positive energy almost since OY got started. Last year he brought an origami Weeping Angel from Doctor Who. This year […]


Well… The SF TalkZone was fun for about 5,000 comments. And then things turned nasty. Sam and I are pretty frustrated, but we had no choice but to turn it off again…


Using the new SuperFolder Stookiness

I am so happy that SF Stookiness is running again! Sam posted about 25 origami submissions today, so PLEASE check them out and comment if you like them! COMMENTING is now different than it used to be. Remember the saying “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at […]


OrigamiYoda.com is BACK!!! Tons of new origami EVERY DAY!

SFs!!! I’m so happy to tell you that we are up and running again!!!!!! WebBuilder Gordon and WebGuru Jeffrey have come up with an awesome way to troll-proof SuperFolder Stookiness, thanks to a suggestion from one of you SuperFolders!!! It’s kind of like a LIKE button, but 100 times STOOKIER! […]

This is how a book gets finished…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this part of the process before. This is book design guru Chad Beckerman making some final edits to Emperor Pickletine at the Abrams office in NYC.

Snacky Star Wars Characters Contest results….

Hello SFs!!! I know I’ve kept you hanging for a LONG time to find out who “won” the contest. But I needed to see what was actually going to fit in the book… But now I have news for you … If the prize you wanted was getting your name […]


SuperFolderTalkZone – CAUTION: Possible Drama!

Hi SFs! PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORE COMMENTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The SFTZ is here for you to talk to each other. Sometimes this talk leads to DRAMA and sometimes people get upset. If this bothers you, please use the other parts of origamiyoda.com, but avoid this page. If you do use this […]

Booksignings, signed books and other news…

1) Want a signed book? My next public appearance: Sundial Books, Chincoteague VA, June 14, 10 am. Definitely call the store before making the trip just to be sure… I recently signed a LOT of books at Books of Wonder in Manhattan. Also,at Winchester Book Gallery in Winchester Va and […]

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