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Doctor Glue!!!

What is the future of Origami Yoda and this website? It is stuff like Doctor Glue… although, really, there is nothing quite like Doctor Glue. But this is what makes me want to keep the site going… to see what you SFs will come up with next. I am really […]

The NEXT Showcase! WOW!

Hey SFs!!! Time to get positive around here again, so I forced Sam to finish up this Showcase. (I threatened to take away his BBQ chips…) This Showcase is just AMAZING! I asked SFs to show me where Origami Yoda could go NEXT and they did! I could probably go […]

Some of the origami SFs gave me on the trip…

It’s so cool when I’m on tour and a SF shows me some origami or a drawing and then says, “It’s for you!” That’s awesome! When I got back from my trip, these are some of the STOOKY gifts I had collected along the way…

The TalkZone will not return…

Update: The TalkZone will not be restarted. This latest mess was the biggest and weirdest of the problems we’ve had, but it certainly was not the first. It’s been an ongoing problem. People come to this site looking for Star Wars Origami and they see all this fighting and crazy […]

Pickletine tour is over!!! What a trip!!!!

First stop was at Monkey See Monkey Doo bookstore in Buffalo! A great crowd that included SFs CJ, Max, DarkPalkia, Chewbacca47!!! See pic below…, And Darth Vader and some friends from The North Ridge FanForce were there too! And then I went to B is for Books and met even […]

The Future of Origami Yoda…. (Plus details about next showcase)

The series is over. But the story is not. I am finished with the story. But I hope YOU are not! ——————– If you have read Pickletine, you know there are several ways for the story to continue. Some people assumed I was going to pick one of those ways […]


Talk to Tom

Hello, SFs… This is the new and ONLY active Talk to Tom page!. Please leave your comments/questions about news, books or other stuff that you want Tom to read. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PAGE AS A TALKZONE…. that means do not just randomly chat here. It pushes down the […]

Yes, you CAN come to my events without buying a book!

    Someone told Jessenia she couldn’t come to a bookstore event without buying a book. It is nice if you can buy a book and support the store, but I want to meet you SFs whether you’re buying or not! So COME ON DOWN and if you have any […]

Tour Details are Here! NY, WI, IL, MI, CA x2, and Vancouver, BC.

Hey SFs! If you haven’t seen it yet, the EVENTS page has been updated and has all the details for the book tour events. The tour is going to Clarence, NY; Milwaukee, WI; Chicago, IL; Grand Rapids, MI; Mission Viejo, CA, Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC. If you live […]

New Showcase Coming: Make your Origami El Deafo and submit it!

Hey SFs! Well, today is a VERY big day at my house… because my wife, Cece, has a brand new book! It’s called EL DEAFO! It’s a graphic novel about how she lost most of her hearing and what happened after that… it’s amazing and I think you guys will […]


Mega-Doodle live event right here, tonight at 8:30 EST…

A Mega-Doodle is a drawing I make LIVE while SFs send in requests for what I should draw. BEFORE YOU SEND IN YOUR REQUEST, READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS: 1) DO NOT ask me to draw 50 things. The idea here is that everyone adds one thing at a time. NOT THIS: […]

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