Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Some Unfinished Mario Drawing

SuperFolder AAlanOrigami This is a Mario I drew with guidelines. I didn’t even think about outlining it with a marker and coloring it with a pencil, since… 1. It looks a bit more, “I worked hard on this thing” with the guidelines… 2. I was a bit lazy… 3. I […]

Han foldo

SuperFolder Admiralfold I am just made han foldo it took forever!! I want to do oragami gredo to go head to head.

Origami General Grievous again

SuperFolder Nick_the_Jedi This is my new General Grievous. All one piece of paper and no cuts! Want instructions? I will post instructions when there are 10 “Instructions, please” requests.

Waluigi and Dexter

SuperFolder AAlanOrigami I drew Waluigi and Dexter, with guidelines. I apologize that I was offline for quite a while. I’m a bit more focused on my Scratch account which is, right down there: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/AAlanScratch/ So you can talk to me there. If you have an account.

Origami gru and minion

SuperFolder forceigami13 I challenge all sf s to fold non star wars characters and post them titled:forceigami13 challenge!

Cool Universal Puppets

SuperFolder CaptainOrgami Ok so I have a SF account and imma show you some of my universal puppets! :3

Luke Skyfolder

SuperFolder yodalukeskywalker Hey guys i am back I created this stooky Luke, I think if i was on the origami rebellion i would use him, See you guys later more posts coming soon

Improved prigami yoda

SuperFolder Yodaman75 This yoda is new and improved with color and with a light saber 😆 (during this time i had left my strange case of origami yoda book at my dads😥)