Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolder jjfold and the winners of it are….(remember the origami thingy where it is stooky for roblox? etc etc?)so, anyway…. ITS A TIE! Between roblox and minecraft,i will be making more of these mini posts for origami decisions,so if something gets a bit to olds will make something new

Official Announcement

SuperFolder Gryffindorigami Hi people! This is my official announcement for Harry Potter and the Folder of Azkaban. Preview Chapter 3, John and Severus Snaperclip are correcting everything Harry Potter does in science with Gavin, and they go on the Halloween Field trip where Gavin dresses as a Gryffindor and Harry […]

34 Yodas

SuperFolder ComicColin Me my little brother’s folded third before Yodas for the Hurricane fundraiser

we did it

SuperFolder jjfold we did the hurricane relief thingy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I Folded 78 Yodas by my friend Robert Putnick

SuperFolder SFCammy Hey again! One of my friends from school, Robert Putnick, rose to the challenge and folded 78 Yodas for the Hurricane Relief! I realize we must be over 1,000, but I would like to thank my friend for going the extra mile and folding the Yodas, even though […]

Your welcome

SuperFolder jdubblesftuff2 dear Gryffindorigami thank you for reading my books It bring me much joy to see this check out my book bye searching Harry paper please tell me what you think also If your reading this and you aren’t Gryffindorigami than check out his stuff bye searching Gryffindorigami

Harry Paper

SuperFolder jdubblesftuff2 Help, by Derick?? Ridgeview fourth grade elementary has fallen into an immense chaos. Darkness falls across the land as you know who is shooting lightning everywhere. was is Harry paper and can he stop this. thats when he came and by he I mean Harry paper on a […]


SuperFolder Rotta here’s my Thrawn!