Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

New Harry paper coming soon

SuperFolder jdubblesftuff2 I will be making a new book called Harry Paper and, the chamber of scissors here’s a little sneak peek The game, by John That’s right people were in our first football game agents the Ridgeview Hawks [Custards team] we lined up for the first play the tension […]

Cover yoda

SuperFolder Yoda_of_the_dark This is as close as I could get to the cover yoda if I get 5 stookys I’ll do instrux!!!thanks!!!

Dwight would be proud

SuperFolder InfernoLeader A purple cover yoda made for kicks. If you wanr instructions on my revan I will illustrate and put them out

GI Joe

SuperFolder irongrenadier14 Tom when ever you mention the old Kenner Star Wars Action Figures I wonder if you ever bought Gi Joe Action Figures so did you or did you not let me know. P.S. your books are great!

Survey pleeeeease participate

SuperFolder Yodagetty Hey guys, I haven’t posted anything in a reeeeeeally long time, and I’m kind of having trouble coming up with what to fold, so I’m having a survey. FIZZPOP = FGTeeV Duddy, STOOKY = Boston Massacre, and EPIC = Jurassic Park

I am new here so

SuperFolder Makerel Hi, I just wanted to make an announcement that I always comment on the post of people who comment on mine. If I somehow missed anyone’s profile in commentary, I apologize. Thanks!

Foldy wan Kenobi

SuperFolder Makerel Made I myself! If I get 10 or more INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE I will post instrux

Hello OrigamiYodacom D

SuperFolder _SuperSonix_ Hey guys! I’m a HUGE origami yoda fan ever since I was 6! Finally I have a super folder account. I’m a BIG Star Wars but I like sonic to. So enjoy my art and folds! 😀