Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

hello tom

SuperFolder darthraven9097 i do have a title for ” Star wars, the last Jedi” book, well it might be a little anticlimactic, but i have two, my first one is “the last folds” if you are wanting like a mini origami Yoda “how to” book. or if you want a […]

Im Back Also I Need MORE Ideas For SFs UNITE

SuperFolder ArtsyActor Hey, SF’s, I need your help!!! I haven’t been around lately, but I also noticed that there haven’t been ANY ideas or activities for our book, “Super Folders Unite!!!”. If anyone has any ideas for origami, or a story, or ANYTHING, please, with WAFFLES AND PLASTIC DINOSAURS ON […]

My first post

SuperFolder DIEGODX Hi everybody this is my first post, I made an mega origami yoda i hope you like it.

Star Destroyer

SuperFolder FN_2186 The Star Destroyer. Out of paper.

borrowing Yoda

SuperFolder roys4 Tom angleberger,may I please borrow the cover Yoda so I can see how to fold him?

Yodas backpack

SuperFolder Luketheduke Where’s today at???

One more thing about the cover yoda

SuperFolder Rachel I think you can see him better. The other post I did, he was sideways. So I hope you can see him better. I don’t know if this will work.