Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolder K2SOrigami So I was thinking about what I could post,when I thought I could draw some thing! This is sorta like the Megadoodle,but,better also I’m gonna try to post these every day,I’m very excited to start this journey and hope you enjoy it!

minecraftigami yoda

SuperFolder 12345starwarsrocks Made a five fold origami Yoda in minecraft

Mando Army

SuperFolder Origamiguy284 Sooo…is the mando army still a thing? It was created back in 2015. Is everybody gone? Just a reminder that i still wield sabine as my mandolorian. If there is any of the original mandolorians still here please comment on this post. Good day.

Clone trooper

SuperFolder theclonecommando Heya guys so basically I started making more clone troopers but that are normal so far I have two. I am planning to make say…20 but either way hard work coming ahead

StormTrooper InstrYAHOO

SuperFolder emperor_palpafold AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!! STORMTROOPER INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE HERE!!!!! Okay, okay, deeeeeep breath, okay, I’m good. So, they’re here. Now, don’t be disappointed if your fold looks bad. Results WILL vary. Mine, personally, is well drawn, but really short. (P.S. If you want instructions for Kylo Ren, OR Ventress, please comment! […]

The New Covers

SuperFolder Cadopotato2007 I made all the people from the books!!! NOTE: I Know chewie looks weird…..all the instructions are in the books! PLEASE RATE STOOOOOOOKY!!!


SuperFolder Shockwave I made origami transformers characters from the universal puppet instructions but accidentally used a full sheet of paper so they are giant! Ps. Universal puppet instructions in art2-d2’s guide to folding and doodling.

Megadoodle 2

SuperFolder K2SOrigami Willy’s having an amazing tailgait party at the Mcquarrie middle school Vikings football team! Willy himself won the beer pong and cornhole* championships! Dwight also stopped bye for some Rib-B-Q! Tommorow I’ll have another post of Willy! *They call it that here in New England+Tom do a tour […]