Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

origami clone wars obi wan

SuperFolder McNiner I invented him myself and he even has arms and hands! It took me so long to invent him. Look for my yoda that I also posted.

Tapigami yoda

SuperFolder McNiner It’s head and body and ears are separate and then taped together.This is my first post I hope you like it.

Episode Challenge

SuperFolder PLO_WINDU This is the episode challenge. I would like to see how many people can make 5 characters from each of the movies. Try using your own design, and if you succeed in this challenge, post Fizz-Pop!

Luke Paperfolder

SuperFolder Dabsdude I made this myself if I get 20 comments for instructions I will show you


SuperFolder Carldalamma The flying echidna is paper


SuperFolder Carldalamma Sonics best friend is in the origami world to!