Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

kylo ren-igami

SuperFolder Entity303 cool kylo ren-igami! 10 waffle-tastics and i’ll try to post the instructions

lego deadpool-pixely

SuperFolder Entity303 this deadpool is online, here’s the link: http://akatsukifan15.deviantart.com/art/LEGO-Deadpool-534631387

Online origami deadpool

SuperFolder Entity303 hey, guys! i found some other pics of origami characters, no instructions though, because i found it online. say stooky if you want more of these kinds of pics online!

online origami vader-cube style

SuperFolder Entity303 i found this pic online for a cool cube-style vader, i can’t get the instructions though. 3 waffle-tastics and i’ll show two other pics

Boba Fett

SuperFolder Bobafettb My first post. Sorry, can’t post instructions because, I can’t remember how to make it.

an ice cream hope

SuperFolder SimpleFolder that title was a joke. it is just an ice cream cone. so the cone is hoping for ice cream. also, it really, really looks like an ice cream cone. it is really stooky.

attack of the jawas

SuperFolder SimpleFolder It kind of looks like a Jawa tank, just without the Jawas. Soon I might learn how to fold a Jawa.