Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Post More on Youre youtube Tom

SuperFolder EmpororPapertine Hey Guys i just want to tell you that TOM HASNT MADE A YOUTUBE POST SINCE MAY 4TH! Tom if you see this post THIS WEBSITE ISNT THE ONLY THING TO FOCUS ON GO TO UR YOUTUBE! yes ive seen your old website https://origamiyoda.wordpress.com/

Ct-5555 aka fives

SuperFolder DarthBose101 Really awesome character it sucks that he died

General grievous

SuperFolder DarthBose101 The four armed drone commander himself he is qymaen jai sheelal,he is general grievous

Hey guys

SuperFolder EmpororPapertine im gonna make an awesome new origami soon i might make link from legend of zelda ( you all know what that is )or maybe ryu from street fighter maby naruto maybe goku maybe a dragon ball or maybe a pikachu! hope you see my next post which […]

Please more books Tom

SuperFolder EmpororPapertine Waddup only 5 STOOKYS and I will form an alliance to get tom to make more books comment stooky plz and your in the the alliance.but for proof post a thing with a pic of a worthy origami masterpeice.and it gonna be good cuz iv been dosing origami […]

Instrux Ewok 2

SuperFolder SFJishua I may need to raise the comment goal. You guys reached the 10 “Instructions, please”s only a day after Super Ewok (see Daily Ewok #75) was posted! I didn’t even have time to make the instructions before the goal was reached! Talk about a good problem to have! […]

Clone commander wolffe

SuperFolder DarthBose101 Clone CC-3636 aka clone commander wolffe really cool clone his helmet comes off