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Star Wars Super Bowl

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WE come to you live in the last minute in the fourth quarter of the Star Wars Super Bowl. Sea-“woks” vs. The Patri-“A.T.A.T’s”
The score is 15 to 21, Patri-“A.T.A.T’s”. Now back to the game. It seems that the quarterback has passed the ball. Ohhhhhhh, what a tackle! What’s this, the Sea-“woks” have faked it and the tackle was a coconut not a football. It seems that the quarterback secretly gave the real ball to Richard “Nub Yub” during all the commotion. Oh, wait, Tom “Bolt-sy” the quarterback of the Patri-“A.T.A.T.’s” is catching up. He’s so close to the touchdown zone will he make it?…Oh, no, Tom Bolt-sy went in the wettest part of the field. And now he’s….rusting. Let’s take a break while the paramedics take him off the field. Wonder how the Patri-“A.T.A.T.’s” will work without their star quarterback?
And we’re back, 22 to 21, Sea-“woks”. Without Tom Bolt-sy the Patri-“A.T.A.T.’s” have been going downhill fast. And now with 10 seconds left, the Patri-“A.T.A.T.’s” have decided on making a comeback against the Sea-“woks” by making a 30 yard field goal. Will they make it? 5-4-3… wait what’s that? A X-Wing? It’s wrapped around the A.T.A.T.’s legs making it fall down. I voice is echoed through the stadium, “by the Rebel Alliance, the Patri-“A.T.A.T.’s” have been disqualified for cheating. So that’s that. The Sea-“woks” won the Star Wars Super Bowl!!!!!

*This story is not accusing The Patriots as a bad team. Just trying to have a fun twist on today’s Super Bowl*