Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

SFs please read this

SuperFolder guillermo

I know that for some people, America is facing dark times, for some is like the empire or worse (just kidding). But really, everyone at their school and house when they are feeling weird, please fold an origami Yoda. Practically is like calling a jedi to fight the empire. Although, jedi get beaten up sometimes. Like the cruel destiny of this morning´s origami Yoda.
Some kids ( a group of five) where insulting and saying mean things to my best friend. I looked at my friend and i remember Tom saying in the OY the school awakens trailer ” Whithout the super folders there would be no balance in the force”. And right then, i stood up, and i stood in front of my best friend. The others said if i was looking for a fight. After that, i got out my origami Yoda. Of course, they laughed, and the made me stand there like a fool, but i was not a fool, i was a Sf! But, right then, their”leader” got my Yoda and squished it.

But, from now on, they will know my friend is not alone, and neither am I. And if they don’t know… I will leave it clear for them.

May the force be with you Sfs. Always…