Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


Alright SFs!!! This is it! In case you missed it, we are going to run these JAM-PACKED Daily Stookiness posts until we catch up! The result: tons of origami now and shorter wait times SOON!

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder

Two Mando’s I made. One is my own design and the other is beskar armor.

SuperFolder GasterBlasterMaster

Sorry no instrux (for now at least) I created this myself hope you like it!

SuperFolder Hippyyoda222

I made a good Cover Yoda with the nw base

SuperFolder Grand_Admiral

Today in our advent calendar of sorts, we have a Ysalamir, which was made with instrux for a fish 😂, but Thrawn used them in the OG Thrawn trilogy because of their unique ability to “block” the force, rendering them useful against the dark Jedi C’baoth, and Luke Skywalker.

SuperFolder Hippyyoda222

I made this by mistake 😅

SuperFolder ChewyOrigami1219

I’d like to join the resistance as Jar Jar Binks

SuperFolder BarriBeyond

It’s an origami General Grievous I made up myself.

SuperFolder coolzack30

the opend bookshelf

SuperFolder Stingray

Super awesome but he is a little off-color. Oh well…..

SuperFolder Vaderssocks11

Hi guys, I hope y’all liked my Jar Jar instrux but today I have lots of Sith including me! Well my Vader that is, instrux will come soon for Vader, and Revan but for now here’s instrux for Malgus and Vader without his helmet. See y’all next time!

SuperFolder Scaliabrothers

This is my origami mandolorian

SuperFolder Baby_Yoda_Mando

I finally Did it!!

SuperFolder Darthsharkfolder

Take part in the awesome Clone Commander Showcase. I made 2 captain rex’s, 1 commander Cody, and 1 Commander Gree. Comment Fizzpop to be in the showcase, and comment Instructions Please to learn instrux!!! I will post instrux. Post your clone commander with the title Clone Commander Bob!!!!! Just kidding! The actual title you need to post is clone commander porg. This is the correct punctuation for title: clone commander porg. Instrux in later post! See ya then!

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

I mad these mega STOOKY pieces witch include Luke skyfolder and anikin skyfolder foldy wan Kenobi mace windu pad me origamidala fortune wookie and Han foldo and pickletine revived (r.o.s.)

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

I just made this for fun. Thought it was STOOKY .

SuperFolder Stingray

Here is my Mandalorian for SF Nick_the_Jedi’s showcase. I picked one of the Mandalorians from the Mandalorian Battle Pack LEGO set. You might be wondering why I chose an obscure character who isn’t even in the show, that is because I have an overactive imagination and made up a backstory for my Mandalorian.