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Origami Yoda

Merit Badge Showcase 7: Stacking and more!

Hey SFs! This is our weekly Merit Badge Showcase… as you’ll see, not everybody is working on the same badge at the same time. And that’s fine! There’s no time limit for earning a badge! Just visit Merit Badge HQ and try one or all! You’ll level up in no time!

At the top of the showcase this week is SF JEDISQUIRREL1138, who stacked cards up to 4 stories!

Here’s the badge for everybody who tried stacking!

SuperFolder Emperorpapertine177

This is for the food merit badge or merit badge 5. The food does not taste like bacon but has the texture of a Cheeto. In a way it has no taste but I would eat it again.

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I stacked up to 2 stories of cards. It was frustrating since I have never stacked cards before.

SuperFolder Astromech

I finally made a 2 story house of cards

SuperFolder Rex_501

I ran out of cards so I used my exploding kittens deck too.

SuperFolder Jedisquirrel1138

This is my card stack for the badge. It was very hard, and took a long time. I could not get more on the top without it collapsing. I made it with some of my Pokémon cards.

SuperFolder Penothemandofoldian6

The new food I tried is mango.Here’s my haiku:

Vader is coming


The trooper can’t breathe

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary

SFConnorLeary I got 3 stories and I got 2 cards on store 4 but it fell

SuperFolder Astromech

When I saw the v fold video I knew it was perfect for salacious crumb.

SuperFolder ahsokaawesome16

My Star Wars names are here and here it is forcefolder1! Also I have seen lean on ring Ashoka folder 123! Very good! Also cool word I have is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis And Antidisestablishmentarianism

SuperFolder IcedTea25

Badge 1

SuperFolder yodapez

Jedi use the force
The Sith try to fight them but…
The Jedi fight back.

SuperFolder SFConnorLeary


SuperFolder bbartman

this is about the force
the force is in all
but some can use it’s power
jedi and sith can!