Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

FOLDATHON begins NOW!!! 1,000 Origami Baby Yodas by Midnight = $1000 to fight COVID!!!!


The FOLDATHON begins NOW! It’s a challenge for YOU and all the SuperFolders. Can you work together and fold 1,000 Origami Baby Yodas by MIDNIGHT?

If you team up and pull this off, the 1,000 Baby Yodas will become a $1,000 donation to help Doctors Without Borders FIGHT COVID around the world!!!

TO BE CLEAR: You don’t need to send money. You just need to FOLD BABY YODAs. How many? As many as you want! Just be sure to count them and send in a picture of them BEFORE MIDNIGHT!

You can fold any style of Baby Yoda you want. Here are instructions if you need them:

When you’ve folded as many as you can, count them, take a picture and SUBMIT it with a title like this: “SF SAM’s 57 Baby Yodas!”

READY SET GO!!!!!!!!