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What Im reading episodes 2 3

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This has BOTH episodes of what I’m reading, because I got a little behind.

Episode 2: Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn. This is a legends title, and details the failure that was outbound flight. First, C’baoth foils an assignation attempt, which pressures the sentate into funding his project. However, Thrawn of the Chiss defense fleet decides that for the safety of civilization, outbound flight must be stopped.

Episode 3: Dark force rising by Timothy zahn. This is the second book in the OG Thrawn trilogy.

Pic 3: $10 Jedi. (It’s made with 2 $5 bills)

Pic 4: Chiss defense fleet Thrawn, but I messed up the nose a bit. Also, thrawn instrux won’t be coming for a little while. Sorry!