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Note before the book. I wrote this book in 2013 but am publishing it in 2015 some superfolders think harry paper foldermort was there idea. But to be honest and not to be rude I did. And this is dedicated to super folder harry paper for having an awesome name I first wrote harry paper on paper with bad handwriting I do cursive better it turns out. To hint I wrote it I put little bits here and there on the website. Like the end. Page 1. Page 2. And page 3 nothing else. But theres more than that! It is more than 23 pages!
Signed return of the cheeto 1.


Harry paper and the sorcerers pencil by Cary
Okay im writing a file in here about how the guy got here. Because im a harry potter fan.
Well one day we were at lunch and at lunch and a kid named Nick Davis walked up to me.(he has a crush on me so im nice to him) he holds up a piece of origami. (he read origami yoda so him and his friend Ian fold a lot) and it seemed like a book I read and love……

All of sudden on the other hands were Ron and Hermione.
OMG nick how did you do it! I yelled. ( im normally calm and smart but im a potterhead) ( that means I love harry potter)

Ill tell you later said nick but for now ill ask you something!
What I asked. Did you study for your test? Oh my gosh! I forgot what do I do! Class is in 3 minutes! Leave it to me said harry/nick. He got out his paper wand and said kannotussstudyus! Uhhh nick that’s not going to-

All of sudden on a blank piece of paper notes started to write by itself! I did this before as a muggle student! Oh yeah Hogwarts has a protection spell from that spell. Soon Cary (me)
Got an A+.
Dimarcuses comment: I bet I can do better than that and that’s cheating! Im telling ms. Saeler!

Cary’s comment stop bullying people and harry says I accept the challenge dracocess Malfoy! Well you are a Malfoy.

Harry paper vs foldermort.
By nick
Well another origami accepted the challenge. When we were at recess the next day. The bully Dimarcus showed up. And held up a puppet!

Everyone in pigrit elementary! Bow down to me for I am lord foldermort!
What the fluffy I said!
Fluffy yourself for I will destroy harry pa- YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yelled harry. A teacher heard harry yell. And the teacher screamed. And took us to the principal’s office. While we were waiting we saw this:
Game on harry and foldermort said!

Hermione helps harry

Okay when nick was in the library reading the goblet of fire I heard him yell: yes! You have the golden egg harry! I stared at him until he looked up. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. Nick stuttered. He stopped me from saying what the heck are you doing! By blurting Hermione’s all yours! Why? She will help you study and stuff + harry needs a study buddy. Okay-ee?
I said. So here’s Hermione’s + Harrys conversation:
Hermione: fireworks? Harry: Nah. Maybe a wand duel. Nah
Hermione: hmmmmmmmm…..
Harry: hmmmmmmmmmm……
Hermione: what about lifting objects in the air?
Harry: I got it!!!!!!!
Hermione: what?
Harry: you’ll see……..

I wonder what?

Butter beer is available in the three broomsticks at universal studios.
Or wherever butter beers sold!

The speech before the show by ms.durmless. (recorded by ian)

Hello hogs! its me principal ms.durmless but today call me Durmle dore why? Because today were having a magic show contest! The winner will get tickets to universal studios! And im lucky to tell you we have a special guest j.k rowling!

Dimarcuses comment: snrrk! What’s up with the omgs? Cary’s comment: just stop Dimarcuss!

The sorcerer showdown by nick
So first Ian did a doctor who trick making Dr. Glue disappear in a Tardis. Luis pulled a bunny out of a hat. Some kid tried to make a pet toad disappear and it jumped on his face!!!!!

Finally it was my turn! This is harry paper! I shout to everyone. Harry is taped on a origami broom stick! I shout again!
I waved a plastic wand. Secret I did not have to do that!
Then it floated in the air and off he went! People cheered people posted it on youtube! Later I got on the news! Just then j.k rowling walked in. but Dimarcuss blew it.
Dimarcuses comment: mwahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cary’s comment: grrrrr….

Harry paper and the goblet of fire works. By Cary.
Well harry was flying around and I saw Dimarcus come from backstage with a goblet with string. He got out matches and lit the string and threw it at harry! It was a goblet of fireworks!
It hit harry and exploded! Every one including jk Rowling stared at him! Mwahaha! Screamed foldermort.
Then all of sudden buckbeak! Or buck beak glider!

Then harry turned and……


Then foldermort……. Disappears.
Jk rowling looked at nick and winked and said there’s something magic about you.
Dimarcuses comment: no comment.
Cary’s comment: she’s right nick. Would you like to go on a date?
Nicks comment: I agree and sure!

The end.