Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Justice League of Folders

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Introduction, by Steven

Hello, My name is Steven Stewart I’m in 4th grade and my friends call me Snake. But anyway I am the captain of the Justice League of Folders, well to be honest I didn’t come up with the league myself Bat-crease (Batman) gave me the idea but I asembled the team so far me and Bat-fold have gathered Origami Super Man and Wonder Folder (wonder woman) in the next chapter you’ll see how both of them came to be.

The League’s creation, by Evan?!

Hello my name is Evan I’m now in 6th grade now and many years ago one of my friends who has now moved to a different school was name Lula she started The Phoenix Folders a group of people who finally destroyed Fold-a-mort. But enough about me let’s talk about my piece of origami you may already know him from the previous chapter but his name is Origami Super Man. I made him three months before Snake came with his Bat-crease and invited me to the Justice League of folders at that moment I got knocked in the back of my head by what I thought was a fist but it was really a paper gauntlet made by none other than Krista Small she stood over me with her blonde curled hair blocking the light, but apparently Snake was ready because about 30 seconds after this happened he took out an origami beatarang and threw it at her she looked at him then immediately ran away giggling. About 5 minutes after that I was off the floor and down the hall came John one of the Phoenix Folders
“Did my sister get you?” he asked while panting heavily
“Yeah she got him good. Answered Snake
“Yeah you better watch out for her!” he said while running back down the hall he came.

Wonder folder, by Amber Gregory

I came into possession of Wonder folder 6 days before Evan came to me asking me to join some group I asked him who was in it and he said “Snake the 4th grader” I didn’t really care because I was already in. About a millisecond after that he said quickly
“You might wand these”
he gave me two yellow bracelets with red stars on them I but them on my wrists and not a minute later a white bullet paper bullet shot at me I blocked it and then Evan shot two blue paper bullets at the person who shot me then they ran away. Now one month later I’ve been attacked 4 times!

Our First BIG Battle, Snake or Steven

Time: 8:15 15 minutes before school
Place: On the playground
It was a warm spring day and there was little time until school would start for another 15 minutes I had at least 10 bat-a-rings in my backpack Evan had his Ice Shooters (mostly origami wrist shooters with frozen tips) amber had her bracelets and an origami sword that she made. BAM! an origami water bomb filled with green liquid went right passed my head. How could I not see this coming straight in front of me was Ethan Vince with the Joker on his finger I threw a Bat-a-ring at him and he dodged it. Sadly one of his bombs hit Amber she tasted the liquid and yelled
“That’s amazing!”
she wasn’t a soda drinker (witch the liquid obviously was) and she was licking the bomb free of the Scary Soda. Then I realized this was his plan he was gonna give one of these bombs to every kid in the school. To give him enough time to do something but what? While I was thinking he threw another one at me. Finally I got an idea I had to make his soda taste like crap. Looking through my lunchbox, I found yogurt and ranch. That would do the trick. I ran across the playground to find the source of the soda was Ethan’s water bottle. I put both the yogurt in and the ranch in the water bottle. My mission was successful. I ran into school right before Ethan who was a fifth grader caught me.

Kryptonite, by Evan
Personally, my favorite soda is Dr.Pepper but the green soda was ok but the real problem was when somehow Josh Cannon managed to turn it into a candy and like kryptonite to superman it made me weak. I loved it! Sadly this gave Josh with a Lex Paper on his finger time to steal my ice shooters I was helpless until I remembered the super breath I made. Just so you know this was all during class and we both had bathroom paces. I took the super breath which was designed to make a loud bang. BOOM! I set it off and Josh ran because the hall monitors would get both of us in huge trouble. I made a run for it after I got my ice because my current class was closer than Josh’s. I got in the classroom panting every so often trying to make it seem like I hadn’t been running in the hall.

The Flash Folder, by Evan

Yes, I’m writing another chapter but this one is important I got caught by Josh again but during the passing period so there was a lot of people around. The Kryptonite made me weak. Then a blur of red went behind of Josh
something had hit him or maybe shocked hime because I heard a zap. But anyway he was mad when he got shocked like five times by someone’s hands then he ran away. Finally, I saw who shocked him and I couldn’t believe it… It was Lula from the Phoenix Folders!