Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness – DEC 27

Hey SFs! I’m excited for three reasons:

ONE; The New Year’s Eve FOLDATHON

TWO: The New Year’s DAY Stookiness…. because we should finally be posting SUPER FRESH Stookiness that YOU have just submitted! It’ll almost be LIVE STOOKINESS again!

THREE: TODAY’s STOOKINESS is just so… STOOKY. Scroll down and see for yourself!

SuperFolder jesseCT_5597

this is my first post here is everything i have made so far

SuperFolder han_foldo_1333

A super cool kirigami Yoda with an origami lightsaber!

SuperFolder darthdude

I know it’s a-bit dingy but I tried

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

What’s going on SFs?! Today I’m going to show you all the origami I have made! 59 in all! I’m trying to reach 100! Also my stealth trooper ( I might post instrux but I will see when this post goes up)

SuperFolder Coolsponge

The Origami Yoda equivalent to Qui Gon Jinn

SuperFolder AnakinStookyFolder

Hey SF’s!! I was just posting to say Merry Crismas!!!

SuperFolder Captain_Kellen

Like in the first chapter in Pickletine! this is so but very cool and very fun to make so I could be instrux for it! It’s even 3D!

SuperFolder Origandalf

This is our weird dancing Santa. He dances do the tune of “jingle bell rock” thank goodness it’s not Webster’s aweful song! (expert OY reference… tell
Me if you got it.

SuperFolder Master_9

I was snow-shoeing yesterday, left at 7:00 got home at 6:30 so… Sorry.

Advent Day 12: PPOOOOORRRRGGG!!!! and the gamma racer… but who care’s? I mean, we’re talking porgs here, so…

Advent Day 13: um… I think the Lego is some sort of blockade runner, I’m calling it the Tantive V(5), get it? Tantive IV(4) vs. Tantive V(5), well if you know your New Hope like I do then you know what I’m talking about. ( Hope I’m spelling it right.) Then we got our tornado, my buddy Carson made it up and its STOOKY! he’s the one who actually inspired me to do this, he and Grand_Admiral.

SuperFolder moose1

so I posted this Darth maul I made and said instrux were coming but I never posted them. SO here they are.

SuperFolder Master_9

I figured it out!!!! The “Blockade Runner” from yesterday is actually Republic Cruiser! I’m still calling it Tantive V(5), though. And I got a battle droid so that was cool I guess…

Anyhow, I’ve got a doosy for ya’ll today, the Jetplane!

SuperFolder moose1

ok, so I saw some posts of origami twi’lek’s and they were all Either multiple pieces of paper or just downright bad (no offense). So I tried one myself out of a post-it note and concluded that only an origami master could do it. So if you can do a decent one post it with the tittle twi’lek contest because I would be impressed if someone could make a good one.

SuperFolder Cal_Kestis

I really don’t like I-Ready. Thank you for stepping up SuperFolder ewok_origami77. I am Cal_Kestis. Go check out my post! Anyways, as Lance would say, “What the hutt?”, I’m ready to take down I-Ready!

SuperFolder darthdude

This is Erich_The_Awesome ‘s idea and instrux

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

Today I have a lot of stuff to post so in order:stooky cover yoda and my best darth paper,cover yoda instrux,not sure if I posted my clones so here they are any way. Also clone instrux.

SuperFolder darthshivious1234

first I made a Yoda with arms, comment 5 epics for instrux

next, there’s kirigami grievous it takes 2 cuts comment 5 instrux plz for instrux

SuperFolder master_chief

hey everybody this is my first post i hope you like it 😉

SuperFolder CT_6116

Hey SF’s. I’ve got four of the most famous ARC troopers from the 501st Legion. I’ve made some ARC Troopers before, but they were just standard Phase II ARC Trooper Captains (Red Troopers). The 501st ARC Troopers from left to right are; Fives (CT – 27 – 5555), Jesse (CT – 5597), Rex (CT – 7567) and Echo (CT – 26 – 1409). Sorry if they are not perfect. I’m not the best. Fives’ Rishi Moon Eel is a little waco. Comment on your favourite. Stooky for Fives, Fizzpop for Jesse, Epic for Rex, and Wafle-tastic for Echo. My favourite of them all is Jesse. He’s awsome. I’ll post instructions if I get 15 “Instructions, Please.”

SuperFolder Stingray

Yes, this is another Bo-Katan post. And there will be more in the near future. I can’t help it, she’s just SO AWESOME! Anyway, I made Ursa Wren, because she is Bo-Katan’s best buddy in the animated shows, Bo-Katan without a helmet, because why not, and my Bo-Katan that has been in like, a bazillion of my posts. Sorry if the quality of these photos isn’t the greatest, I’ve been using an iPhone SE camera at 8 pm. For my book of the week, I picked Animal Farm by George Orwell. Tom might have read this, but I doubt many others on here have. Well, now is a great time to start! Animal Farm basically tells the story of the Communist takeover in Russia, but it’s all on this one farm where the animals kick the farmer out. This book is great to do for a book report, because your teacher will think you are some kind of genius.
For anyone who decides to use this as a book report, this may prove helpful:
Napoleon = Stalin
Snowball = Trotsky
Boxer & other farm animals = working class Russians
Squealer & Minimus = Soviet propagandists
Old Major = Carl Marx or Lenin
Mr. Jones = Czar Nicholas II
Mr. Fredrick = Hitler
Mr. Pilkington = capitalist governments (U.S and Europe)

I hope this was helpful. You may need to Google some of the people in my list, but believe me, your ELA teacher will love you forever if you do this as a report for class. It will come across much better than Fangbone did 🙂

Soon I will make Koska Reeves and Axe Woves!
if you want instrux just go to my YT channel

SuperFolder StarWarsStone

Merry Christmas from Yoda and Chewbacca!

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

This is my Boba Fett from The Mandalorian! Hope you like it!

SuperFolder LukeDuke64

Hey SF’s! This is my first post here, hope you enjoy the origami Yodas in costumes! Robot, Santa, Birthday, Halloween, and Pilgrim.

SuperFolder Stookyyoda565

I have folded all of the covers stars. I put mace windu on the superfolder file cuz I folded Han Solo but lost him so I put mace on instead. Also stingray I looked at your YouTube channel and it has some really stooky stuff on it! You should definitely check him out!

SuperFolder FoldyLorian

total rockets plz comment

SuperFolder Master_9

I got the droid control ship for the LEGO and a spider flyer.

P.S. I might miss tomorrow, I’ll be skiing.

SuperFolder master_chief

hey every one please do not comment instructions plz it is just the three fold puppet. by the way if you comment 5 waffle tastics i will continue with the show case. enjoy! 😉 ps this is harvest jack.

SuperFolder StealthFolder

Part of my collection. I hope you like it 🙂