Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Daily Stookiness – Dec. 15

Hey SFs! This is Tom, giving Sam a day off. He’s been working extra hard to post all the stookiness.

As long as I was here, I figured I’d answer a TALK TO TOM. After that, make sure you keep going because there is a lot of really amazing origami and artwork today. (And Halloween costumes!)

SuperFolder origamimasterman

Hi Tom! I have a question that i am surprised no one has asked yet. When Rabbski retires after emperor pickletine rides the bus, who becomes the principal? Howell, or some random person?

TOM: I sure hope it’s NOT Mr. Howell, but that would make a good sequel wouldn’t it? Maybe it’s Mrs. Porterfiled, the Biology teacher from Darth Paper. She’s tough, but fair.

The bonkers answer would be Mr. Good Clean Fun! And everybody is going crazy because he has so many handwashing rules… but then COVID hits and Mr GCF is a hero because no one at McQuarrie gets sick!

SuperFolder Houston

This is my best grievous

SuperFolder azurepattycake

I am making one original origami finger puppet for every episode of The Mandalorian Season 2, and today its Cobb Vanth! He uses the same fold as my second Mando. 25 STOOKYs/instrux plz for Instrux!

SuperFolder starwarsrocks22

Took me a hour but I am done…

SuperFolder skywalker13477

Made these with my own instrux. Not finger puppets. The coloring took longer than the folding.

SuperFolder Minecraftemery

The first picture has most of the main characters and the second has all of my origami. More coming soon. Hope you like it!

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

This is my attempt on Cover Yoda. The instrux are pretty easy, but I hope you can understand them. I’m not the best at drawing instrux…

SuperFolder Origami_Bus_Buddies

This is ninja yoda, he likes his headband very much.

SuperFolder Esther

Of paper, I am made

SuperFolder Stookykid

nothing impressive,I am new on the superfolder group

SuperFolder Master_9

The mynok is super hard. I made both my self. 😀

SuperFolder Greedobro_9

Hi it’s me Greedobro 9 today I am posting c3po,bossk,cad bane,snoke,and4secret jedi if you guess who they I will post instructions by now!!!

SuperFolder DarthZackB

I used 3-inch squares of origami paper and followed instrux on YouTube to fold a modern color 8-bit Mario. I used 49 reds, 46 blues, 27 pinks, 26 browns, 14 whites, 7 blacks, and 2 yellows. I used 171 total pixels. Each pixel is 1.5 square inches.

SuperFolder Captian_Rex21

I am starting the origami republic just submit and the title should be I am a clone trooper in the description should say the clone trooper you chose and add a republic symbol like the one blow I will post who has joined in a post titled the same as the one today the only difference is it will say the day that it is and I am captain rex so you can not take that name okay.

SuperFolder Captian_Rex21

this is easy you need one square of paper and tape if you want to decorate and make it a star wars character you can but do not put tape on until you are finished it is a good way to make it easy and stooky.

SuperFolder skywalker13477

Folded all of these clones took me like four days. I drew the design, and then copied it like thirty times and made all these guys.

SuperFolder EWOK53321

I made this fold myself it is my own fold!

SuperFolder Captian_Rex21

if I get 10 stookys I will put the instructions

SuperFolder orimasterohanSF

This is my stooky Max rebo. Sorry if its a bit blurry. 10 waffle tastics for instrux!

SuperFolder Origandalf

Me as among us astronaut!

SuperFolder UnicornAshoka120

Candy can actually fit in the pumpkin!

SuperFolder vader_waiter100

I am Link from legend of Zelda ocarina of time.

SuperFolder yodapez


SuperFolder soapyisnostrul1909

I don’t care if you add color or not.

SuperFolder Houston

I was thinking about the first drawing video with the noses I thought of a origami Jar jar it took a bit of work but I figured it out it does not look perfect

SuperFolder OY_JASE

I made this one or two years ago and I was going to post it but I never got the chance too and then I lost it so I forgot about it until I noticed that I had gotten to take some pictures of it (sorry about the pore pic quality I was using an old tablet) so then I finely got to post it so I hope that you guys like it oy_jase out

SuperFolder Stooky_Chewie_GJ

I sadly couldn’t make an origami costume this year, and I couldn’t find the picture of my OY costume from a few years back, but here’s me as a plague doctor with my 8 pounds of candy (which is now like 6) that I got from trick or treating!! Happy Halloween!!!