Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

The Christmas Eve Stookiness Showcase!

Twas the night before Christmas and I really dislike Night Before Christmas spoofs, so I won’t make one here.

I’ll just tell you to SCROLL DOWN and see it all!!! It’s AWESOME TODAY!!!

SuperFolder Master_9

Hey S.F.s! I hope your enjoying this! If you would like, you can tweak and change the names of the planes to make Star Wars themed, and show me by putting Advent 2020 in the title, even though it will probably not go live till June 2021. Today is the Phoenix. Happy Folding!

SuperFolder Darth_choc

Here’s a little something I put together

SAM SEZ: Please resubmit!

SuperFolder azurepattycake

Folded this guy today. He is SO STOOKY!!! If you want Instrux, go to Shawn Yu’s YouTube channel. Enjoy!

SuperFolder CaptainBenji2212

Origami Yoda is small and wise.

SuperFolder gamerepic

silver or grey paper recommended

SuperFolder Master_9

Today is the first star wars themed plane! It is an
A-Wing! Happy Folding! Oh, my LEGO star wars advent calendar is arriving tomorrow!

SuperFolder OY_JASE

-Favorite Star Wars Movie: a new hope
-Least Favorite Star Wars Movie: the last Jedi
-Favorite Star Wars Character Han solo
-Least Favorite kylo Ren
-Favorite Star Wars Books: the Jedi academy series which if you have not read you probably should read and the origami yoda books which you have probably not read lol
-Favorite Star Wars Comic: haven’t read any unless you count Jedi academy
-Favorite Franchise besides Star Wars: LEGO DC
-Favorite Character from that Franchise: Batman
-Favorite Superhero: Batman
-Favorite Super Villain: Joker
-Favorite Bands (in no order): for king and country, third day
-Favorite songs (in no order): fixing my eyes on you for king and country the gambler by Kinney Rogers
-Favorite Video Games: Minecraft
-Favorite Pastimes: wood shop, reading, nerf, Beyblades and crafts
-fun fact about me: at age eleven I built a lathe that I still use to this day

And now for the review
ewok_origami77 you`ve made a great first chapter all I can say is please post the chapters as soon as you finish them I give this book five stars

And a tip to all you S.F.s out there is if you want to put more than one pic in a post all you have to do is once you’ve chose your first pic click the ad image button again and chose whatever pic you want to post (if you found this post helpful comment stooky)

SuperFolder CaptainBenji2212

I totally figured out how to fold origami darth maul!!

SuperFolder Stingray

First off, ewokorigami77, I think your story is really cool. One suggestion, though: Move Vinna and Camilla off Endor. Endor has sorta been typecast as Planet of the Ewoks, and as soon as it was mentioned in your book, I thought the story was taking place after Return of the Jedi. Now for the Mandalorians!
Pic #1: Mando and Grogu, but Mando is in an ugly Life Day sweater.
Pic #2: Mando and Grogu.
Pic #3: Bo-Katan.
Pic #4: Bo-Katan’s helmet.
Pic #5: Sabine Wren from Rebels season one.
Pic #6: Sabine Wren from Rebels season two.
Pic #7: Sabine Wren from Rebels season three.
(I’m going to get the other versions of her done eventually…)
Pic #8: The Armorer.

Book of the Week: Ahsoka, by E.K. Johnston. I don’t normally pick Star Wars books, there isn’t really a good reason for that, but this one is an exception. It’s AMAZING, and the author got the Siege of Mandalore surprisingly accurate, for it being written before season 7 came out.
As a reward for anyone who actually read this whole thing, here are the links to my YouTube videos on how to fold my New and Improved Mandalorian (which I made after I realized how cringy my original vid was), and my female Mandalorian. Coming soon: Ahsoka Tano and Morgan Elsbeth!!! Who thinks that the Beskar staff will be used when Bo-Katan fights Moff Gideon?!?!?!?!?!? (I’m posting this December 3rd, btw)

SuperFolder dominosquad2020

I have FINALLY perfected obi wan. I used SuperFolder Stingray‘s Mandalorian (Version 1 and 2)

SuperFolder DarthZackB

This was seen in my favorite video game, “Plants vs. Zombies.” In this note, the Zombies give you instructions which is the OPPOSITE of what you’re actually supposed to do. One time, I followed these instructions and failed a level on purpose. I then posted it to YouTube as my second video. P.S. My favorite plant is the Garlic and my favorite zombie is the Newspaper the Newspaper Zombie.

SuperFolder CaptainRex7088

Here’s some stuff I’ve been wanting to post. The Mandalorian is my own design.

SuperFolder gamerepic

i made a totally stooky fizzpop waffles with plastic Dinosaurs on top luke sky folder

SuperFolder Master_9

Today is the spinning tie. This is not canon but I thought it was cool so… hope you like it! Oh, and mom got her iPad case mixed up with my calendar. 🙁

SuperFolder CT_6116

I hope that you recognize these troopers, but in case you don’t, they are, from left to right, Mandalorian Super Commando, 332nd Trooper, and Captain Vaughn (CT – 0292). I don’t like that Vaughn’s helmet is a little bit wonky, but I can’t change it now. I’ll change it on another edition, I guess. Vote Fizzpop for the Mandalorian, Waffletastic for the 332nd Trooper and Stooky for Captain Vaughn. I’ll post instrux to the one with the most votes in a week or two, hopefully.

SuperFolder deluxagami

Removable helmet and 3D chest plate

SuperFolder Eliplonk

Hi I am back with some new origami!

SuperFolder Nick_the_Jedi

Here we are at the beginning of the Mandalorian showcase! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted!
Don’t worry if you don’t see yours down below, I’m making this only part 1 in case someone’s origami isn’t on the site yet.
Here in part 1 now, we have 6 incredible origami Mandalorians! A couple versions of Din Djarin in beskar armor (made by azurepattycake and FoldyWan250), a Gar Saxon that cleverly uses Tom’s Darth Maul instructions (made by ChewyOrigami1219) an excellent Boba Fett by Darthsharkfolder, a menacing Death Watch trooper by CaptainRex7088, and Stingray made an amazing recreation of one of those Lego Mandalorians from the battle pack!

SuperFolder Stingray

I forgot to include the YouTube links in my last post, so here they are:
Mando: https://youtu.be/5OpR_WvPlM8
Bo-Katan: https://youtu.be/Wc5SA0CBlg4
These won’t show up as links in the post, so just copy and paste them into your search bar.
Sorry if I got the decoration off on Morgan, there aren’t any good pictures of her on the internet.
Also, (this should make you happy SF Grand_Admiral) On one of the assassin droids in that one chapter of the mandalorian there was the logo of the 7th fleet (the fleet that was blockading Lothal) so Thrawn will play some sort of part in whatever happens next……

SuperFolder Greedobro_9

Remember mauls March madness? Well I am
Making a sequel called battle it will depend on the coin drop round one is sf Kr ‘s black canary and
Sf kirigamikohl’s shazam and the winner is … Black

SuperFolder Linkid09

Okay i wanted to show my kirigami kaminoan.im hoping this one goes in the daily stookiness.The next thing i post will be origami among us guys.im trying to upgrade my current design so u dont need kirigami.here is what the design looks so far

SuperFolder Master_9

Welp! My calendar came! So, I’m gonna do 2 Legos a day till the tenth to catch up! So here they are!! So, we have an A-wing and Poe! Today’s plane is the nighthawk!!

SuperFolder azurepattycake

This episode was one of my FAVOURITE Mandalorian episodes yet, so I had to make a super STOOKY fold to go with it. So, BOBA FETT! 20 STOOKYs for Instrux, but I am warning you, these are REALLY hard. You need to know how to squash fold.

SuperFolder Lukeplywalker78

I made this STOOKY mythrol from the mandalorian and I wanted to show you all. My aunt got me this origami craft paper and it was perfect! If I get ten instrux please I’ll give them to ya

SuperFolder purple_saber

Even Gandalf isn’t a Star Wars character, I still created him.

SuperFolder CaptainBenji2212

Created bb8 instructions. Tatally stooky! Sister freaked out. Hope you have fun folding him!!

SuperFolder darthshivious1234

I used my own ideas to make this.

P.S. Tom, can you make a new cover r2 instrux they are really hard to see

SuperFolder Fernstudios

This is my first submit hope everyone likes it.

SuperFolder ChewyOrigami1219

Super stooky! It is a combo of Toms Mando and Sf PLO_KOON Mando. All I did was use half a sheet of paper cut long ways and I reversed the fold to make the helmet pointy. all I did was toms Mando with extra pleats for sash

SuperFolder Master_9

So yeah, I have nothing to say so… Today is the parachute in planes, and Luke and his home in Legos.

SuperFolder Origami_Master53

This Advent calendar is 1000xbetter than last years! So far the Sith trooper is my favorite!

SuperFolder deluxagami

It took all day but it’s finally complete talk to Tom