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Origami Yoda

Strange secrets in the books you may have missed

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Hey SF’s! Today I will be listing some things you may have not noticed or may have noticed! Tom, if you could feature this in your next post that would be spooky! Anyway… ON WITH THE LIST!
1. In book one of Origami Yoda, it said that Dwight asked a popular girl named Jeniffer to dance at fun night. In every other book, Jen, the popular girl is there, with less brief appearances.

2. At the end of book one, Mike is seen dancing with Hannah. Though we know they do not become BF GF, he plays Clone wars Strike team with her.

3. Have you noticed that almost every chapter in the books based around Mr. GCF (Good clean fun) and Soapy is written by Quavado?

4. This is a hard one to notice but on the Bus seating chart #2 from “Emperor Pickletine Rides The Bus”, Cassie and Kellen are looking at each other dreamily down the aisle.

5. In book one again, when Dwight god rid of OY, a girl named Lisa comes to ask for advice. In other books, she is known to be the one who had the smelliness problem, and the one with the Butt-Butt-Boots. In book one when she went to ask Dwight, she looked the same as she does in the other books, only with the black hair actually drawn on instead of blank white hair.

6. Do you know The meerkats that usually appear to warn you not to read a kissing scene in the books? Well, in the last book, Remi says that she and Ben kiss while in the zoo in front of the meerkats. Extra pain for them!

7. The kid, Ben who falls in love with Remi is actually a real person! When Tom was trying to figure out how to put a simple way to make Darth Paper in the second book instruction page, a kid named Ben sent his instructions for a simpler Vader! This was featured in the book, with Ben’s name signed on it! Now Ben has become a memorable character in the series!

And that’s all! Did you notice these minor details? If you did, comment ‘Waffle-tastic’ down below, and May the folds be with you, SF’s!