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Stormtroopers September Showdown Round 1

SuperFolder CreaseAdiMundi

Hello SFs! Stormtroopers September Showdown has officially started! (Sorry it took so long for me to post this.) I’m super excited! I’m using a random number generator from so it’s completely fair. The left pic will be even and the right pic odd, and which ever number comes up, if it’s even, left wins, and the same thing goes for odd/right.

Also shout out to sf MaraOmega!That feedback on my comics was so Stooky! Thank you! And that Phasma is really detailed!
Now to the competition:
Round One: sf Willyboy‘s clone army vs sf StookyOrigamiSilas’s Commander Cody!
The number is… 9, meaning Commander Cody wins!!

Round Two: my clone troopers vs sf StookyOrigamiSilas‘s clone army+stormtrooper.
The number is… 4; the clone army and stormtrooper win!

Round Three: sf Jeremiahyoda‘s huge army vs my General Veers from the Battle of Hoth.
The number is…3; the army wins!

Round Four: my Grand Admiral Thrawn vs my Nute Gunray.
The number is…8; Thrawn wins!

I hope y’all enjoy the competition; the four winners will battle until there is two left, them those will battle for 1st place!