Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Star Wars Disney Chapter 3

SuperFolder Ghostbuster

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Bla bla bla Disney Villains bla bla bla Dark side bla bla bla taken over the world. Darth Frollo has taken a ship and left Paris France to a set of unknown coordinates in hopes of claiming more land for his fellow sith lords. But there is only one man who stands in Darth Frollo’s way.
A few hundred miles away, Atlantis has seen the invading boats and believe that the boats are coming to their direction. Young Milo Thatch set off in his fish transport to stop the invaders. But since Darth Frollo was to powerful for Thatch’s transport, Milo has constructed himself a lightsaber.
Once Milo and his fleet got to Darth Frollo’s fleet, the evil sith lord used the dark side to find the leader of the attack. Thatch knew that he was in danger because of the sith lord, so Milo jumped out and ignited his lightsaber. As soon as he ignited his blue bladed Jedi weapon, so did Darth Frollo’s red blade.
The duel has commenced furiously! Thatch has lasted long against the sith lord, but the evil Darth Frollo had figured out that the duel was just a distraction. He saw one of the atlanteans finding the coordinates for the destination of the sith lord.
Milo tried his best to distract Darth Frollo from executing the atlantean. And Milo’s feeble attempts have worked as the atlantean escaped with the destination name. Once the destination name has been recovered, Milo and the atlanteans have retreated.
Darth Frollo knew that they would meet again as he let them go. Meanwhile, back at Atlantis, Milo and the Atlanteans shared the information as they knew where Darth Frollo was going: Arendelle!

To Be Continued…