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SOS 2023 Fortunewookie2255 Challenge 9 Make Instructions for Something

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It’s looks like I’m getting this post out a little late, as challenge 10 has just came out, but better late than never! Anyway, for my instructions, I was wanting to make some for Sonic, but since I was crunched for time I was unable to finish them (hopefully I can get them out sometime this week). So, I had to settle for pulling some out of my archives to give yall a couple of options!
First, there are the video instructions for Art2, which you can use to make the Cover Art2, or any astromech you want!
Second, there are the written instructions for Gandalf. He is a tad but tricky, but not the hardest. A note about those instrux is that the words for each step are BELOW the picture, not above it.

Hopefully both of these give you something cool to fold, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with 😀 -Fortunewookie2255