Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Some doodles and a little bit about myself

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I don’t think I’ve shared either, so I thought why not now?

Pic 1-3: some lightsaber sketches
Pic 4-5: Thrawn sketches (5 is what I think he’d look like after being stranded post-rebels)
Pic 6-8: Star Trek sketches

About myself:
-Favorite Star Wars movie: Empire Strikes Back
-Least favorite Star Wars movie: attack of the clones; look, I like them all, INCLUDING attack of the clones, but I will forever be haunted by, “I don’t like sand,”
-Favorite Star Wars character: Grand Admiral Thrawn
-Favorite Star Wars book: Thrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn. Heir to the empire, also by Timothy Zahn, is a close second.
-Favorite Star Wars comic: Darth Vader: dark lord of the Sith
-Favorite franchise besides Star Wars: Star Trek
-Favorite character from that franchise: Data
-Favorite super hero: Batman
-Favorite super villain: the joker
-Favorite super hero comic: that’s tough, but I’ll have to go with Batman: endgame by Scott Snyder.

Well, that’s all!