Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

Rediscovering Star Wars Origami 4 years later

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Hey Superfolders. I’ve been getting back into origami to help relax and unwind, and after folding an old favorite, the Fumiaki Kawahata Yoda, I remembered this site and decided to scroll through it a while. The images being posted brought back such great memories of reading the books as they came out, and I decided to try to unearth my old Star Wars origami collection. Here’s what I could find so far.

I know 12-year old me drew up instructions (or “instrux”) for the Darth Maul and the Cover Yoda, so I will keep you guys posted as soon as I dig those up. I have a lot of paper stacks to go through.

From an older Superfolder, thanks for the memories.