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SuperFolder MaraOmega

I have been folding a lot recently, since it’s starting to get cold outside. And rainy. But at least i have lots of new origami to share!
(there’s lots of scrolling!)

Picture one is Godzilla i made with Toms instrux.

Picture two is Jack Skellington because, hey, there’s only 353 days till next halloween 🙂

Picture three is Dipper, Bill Cipher and Bipper from gravity falls! Bill Ciphers eye is actually a picture of my own eye that i glued on.

Picture four is Mario and Luigi
I made Luigi, and my brother made Mario. (let’s-a-GO!)

Picture five is Spider man
(not any specific one just normal spidey)

Picture six is Aang from Avatar the last airbender.

Thats it! -maraomega. •—•